People Change and Promises...

It is incredible the way I feel right now. Some people say that good things take time, but really great things happen in the blink of an eye. I can’t believe that this is my life now… You wanna know what I’m talking about? Well… Almost 6 years ago I was in Houston with my family celebrating my birthday, now I’m in L.A. with my favorite musician as a husband thinking about what would be the perfect name for our upcoming baby. How did it happen? Let’s see…


39. “You know I love you so. I swam across, I jumped across for you. Oh all the thing you do, cause you were all yellow…” Yellow- Coldplay

I wasn’t going to start working until a week later so it was kind of exciting for me getting up a little late in the morning and get to catch up with my friend.

“Morning, sleeping beauty.” She said when I got out of the room with a big smile on my face.

“Morning… Where’s Darren?”

“Working. He had a rehearsal.”

“Oh.” I went to the kitchen and took an apple.

“Aren’t you going to tell me what happened?”

“Darling, I need some privacy.” I joked with a giggle.

“Please?” She asked with her classy puppy eyes.

I laughed at her expression; she was always so cute.

I began to tell her what had happened and what Nick proposed me to do that night. She got really excited about our second first date and made a weird evil face, she scared me.

We talked a little more about her new life as a wife and what should I tell Nick. I’m not so good with words remember? And yeah, she was freaking out a little more than me.

Night came pretty soon and my nerves got intense with Nathalie trying to get me into a short pink kinda flower dress.

“I really DON’T like dresses and less when they’re pink!”

“Come on! You will look so pretty!”

“It’s just a dinner! What if he takes me just to Gray’s Papaya?”

“He will change his mind when he sees you. I’m sure.”

“Fine. But do not even bother asking for my hair. It’s just a dinner, no big deal!”

“Yay!” Nathalie gave me the dress and I changed my jeans and t-shirt for her weird costume and heels. YES! HIGH HEELS!

When I finished brushing my teeth I heard the doorbell and Nathalie opened the door.

“Are you ready?” Nick asked me from the doorstep looking as hot as any celebrity should in a tuxedo.

“Yeah. I’ll just get my cell phone.”

It was a little weird about my friend insisting me about using a dress and my boyfriend showing up in a tuxedo but I didn’t care I just wanted to spend some time with MY Nick again. I took what I needed and got out the apartment catching my blonde friend’s big smile.

Nick and I got into his black mustang and rode for a few minutes until he headed me to, what it seemed like, the fanciest restaurant in New York. I didn’t see the name of it and didn’t want to even know the prices of the menu… Fancy things were not f—

“Are you okay with this?” Nick asked me while pulling my chair out of the table for me.

“Yes.” I lied and looked at him. “As long as I am with you.”

He sat up right across from me and ordered for both of us. I guess he noticed how I was feeling anyway.

“Yo-You look pretty.” He suddenly said.

“Thanks.” I looked at my feet and felt the heat over my cheeks.

We kept silent for a while. It was kind of awkward. A cute awkwardness, I must say.

Our ‘first date’ wasn’t exactly a date so that ‘second first date’ was exactly as the first one should had been… You get it?

Okay… let’s just say this: AWKWARD!

“You know…” Nick started the conversation again. “I did the most dangerous thing I could when I said I love you, and it was worth it. I know this isn’t exactly the most romantic way or the most original place but I just needed to ask you this as soon as possible…”

Oh my god! Now I get it! I was going to kill Nathalie! She knew it! She didn’t say anything!

“Okay… Wait!” I said before my heart got in a knot. I took a deep breath. “What?”

“I just…” Nick got his hand on his pocket, put out a little black box and opened it. “I’m just asking you to let me stay in your life forever. Let the next girl I’ll ever love be our daughter… M-marry me?”

“HOLY SHIT!” I shouted jumping off the table. I didn’t know if I was scare or excited. I was shocked!

Nick stood up and got to my side. He took off my purity ring and gave me a beautiful silver ring with what looked like a diamond on the top. I was shivering… I didn’t expect him to do that, not that soon, but I really loved him and I was sure you wouldn’t doubt it either.

“People change but my promise is to love you forever, no mattering about the freaking changes, if you accept to be mine.”

“Damn, yes. Yes. Yes. YES!” I repeated and wrapped his neck in my arms trying to avoid the tears.

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