People Change and Promises...

It is incredible the way I feel right now. Some people say that good things take time, but really great things happen in the blink of an eye. I can’t believe that this is my life now… You wanna know what I’m talking about? Well… Almost 6 years ago I was in Houston with my family celebrating my birthday, now I’m in L.A. with my favorite musician as a husband thinking about what would be the perfect name for our upcoming baby. How did it happen? Let’s see…


17. “We’ve got a lot to learn, god knows we’re worth it.” I won’t give up –Jason Mraz

I got to the venue a little late; my seat wasn’t exactly in the front but it wasn’t too bad. I was pretty excited; I never stopped loving them and their music and I hadn’t been in a concert for ages!

Suddenly the lights went out and the music started to play… I could feel every single beat down my whole body.

They started the concert with a song I hadn’t listened to in years: Dance until tomorrow.

The show went on and on and all I could do was scream and sing along. Suddenly, Nick took the microphone and began to talk with a hint of nervousness in his voice…

“You know,” The crowd stopped the screaming for a second. “It hurts when something good ends, but it hurts even more when you cling to it, knowing that it’s not there… I learned this a few months ago.”

“You go, bro.” Kevin said and the screaming started again.

“The person I learned it from is here, right now. And it means a lot to me because she showed me that some people will disappear from your life eventually, but real friends will stay no matter what.”

“Real friends are something as good as Disney World.” Joe spoke this time and my heart stopped its beating.

Could this be possible?

“True friends are out of this world... She was on her way to Mars…” Nick began to sing without saying anything else.

What did he mean? Was he trying to tell me something about his feelings?

No, that couldn’t be possible, we were just friends…

The concert ended half an hour after they sang that beautiful song. I got out of the venue and headed to their tour bus as Nick told me to.

“Such a beautiful concert.” I said hugging each one of them.

“Thank you, we’ve been missing doing this.” Kevin said and went to sit right next to his wife.

“Let me take a shower and we’ll go to get something to eat, okay?” Nick said behind me.


He got out of the bus and I sat down beside Joe and Frankie.

“You know,” Frankie said looking at Joe. “It’d be cool to have a best friend.”

“Why? Don’t you have one?” Joe asked.

“Not really. I have friends but not the ones that you want to date more than being just friends with.” He said giving me a weird look.

“She’ll get to you someday,” Joe began to speak this time with his iPhone on his hand. ”But you need to make sure to say the right thing in the right moment and never let her go because if you do, she’ll never get back.”

I could see a little sadness go down his face. I guessed he went back to his past.

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Frankie promised standing up. He got out of the bus.

“I’m sure that…” I suddenly said looking at Joe. “When a man wants to be with you, he’ll be with you. Period. There won’t be excuses, drama, shadiness or uncertainty. He’ll fight for you no matter what. ” He looked back at me this time. “If she’s worth it, you won’t give up. If you give up, you’re not worth it.”

“What if she’s the one who gave up?”

“You know, girls have a superpower. We can make you think we don’t love you when all we think about is you. I’m sure she hasn’t given up.”

“Ready?” Nick asked from the door making me shiver.

“Yep.” I said and stood up. “Think about it, Joe.”

I got out of the bus with Nick and he took me to a Taco Bell restaurant.

“You know,” I began to talk when we were back at his car. “Taco Bell is as far from Mexican food as a burger.”

“I know,” He giggled. “But I like to think it isn’t.”

“You’re weird, dude.”

He smiled and the rest of the ride was silent, some kind of comfortable deep silence. It was getting dark and I couldn’t recognize where we were going. Impromptu, he parked and all I could see in one of the sidewalks was a park and on the other one there was water.

“What are we doing here?” I asked.

“You told me once you loved long walks between the trees and I love long walks by the shore. Tampa has this perfect place… Come on.” He got off the car and opened my door.

We began to walk down the road, talking about the show. I wanted to ask him what he meant with that little speech but the truth was all I could do was walk. My knees were shaking badly and my blood couldn’t slow down its rushing. I felt so safe with him, so fearless but so nervous too.

Nothing special happened until...

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