People Change and Promises...

It is incredible the way I feel right now. Some people say that good things take time, but really great things happen in the blink of an eye. I can’t believe that this is my life now… You wanna know what I’m talking about? Well… Almost 6 years ago I was in Houston with my family celebrating my birthday, now I’m in L.A. with my favorite musician as a husband thinking about what would be the perfect name for our upcoming baby. How did it happen? Let’s see…


12. “This is me praying that this was the very first page, not when the story line ends. My thoughts will echoed your name until I see you again.” Enchanted –Taylor Swift

When I returned to the lobby there was Nick, looking so great as always with his hands in his pockets… He was alone.

“There you are.” I said behind him.

“Hello” He replied smiling.

“Where’s Frankie?”

“He said he wasn’t hungry and wanted to watch something on the TV so it’s just… you and me tonight.”  He said with a like awkwardness.

“Okay, so where do you wanna go?” I asked with a smile.

Yeah, I felt a firework all over my body, but I knew for him this wasn’t comfortable. Frankie did it on purpose and I would make my best for Nick to feel like he was with his best friend instead on an awful awkward date.

“I don’t really know, what about… Downtown Disney?”

“Let’s go, then.”

That was one of the best days of my life; we got into my favorite place, Planet Hollywood. We ordered some food and well… With Nick everything was perfect.

We talked lots and laughed for a while, he showed me his dog tag and I let him see my purity ring. Somehow we were beginning feel more and more confident with each other, we began to make fun of ourselves and even some of our issues went out.

“I wish I could handle pain as easy as you do and get pay for doing it.” I said holding the sleeves of my shirt between my fingers. I HATE BEING SO SHY! “I bet when you’re hurt you get such inspiration that you could write three albums in a row.”

“Believe it or not, on these days I couldn’t even write a verse.” He said closing his eyes and holding his head against the wall behind us. “But, you already know what I do, tell me about you.”

“Me? I’m not that interesting.”

“Come on… What do you do when you’re sad?”

“Well… I like writing too. I’ve written poetry, short stories and a few songs. But they’re not so good.”

“How do you know that?” He asked.

“One of my teachers once told that when you don’t love your own work then it’s not worth it.” I told him almost in a whisper.

“The fact that you don’t like it yourself doesn’t mean it’s bad for the rest of the world.”

“I don’t know. Even if they’re good I’m not sure if I could let people know what’s on my mind.”

“They’ll never know, you know? The only one who knows what you were feeling is you.” He said looking at me. I just kept my eyes on the floor. “I’m sure you must be good at writing.”

“I’m not.” I insisted.

“Let’s see! Show me some of it.” He replied with excitement and made me look back at his chocolate brown eyes.

“Someday, maybe. I don’t have anything on my mind right now.” I lied. I wasn’t ready for him to listen what my feelings were, anything else went through my mind but every single thing I’ve written about him.

“You promise?”

I held my breath for a second.

“I promise.”

It was getting late so he just walked me to the bus stop to the apartment and gave me a goodbye hug.

We hang out again the last day he stayed in Orlando, it was my free day, and yes, this time Frankie went with us through the whole Animal Kingdom Park; suddenly the day they had to leave, arrived.

“Check-out is done, you can keep your room keys as a souvenir.” I said letting sadness go out of my mouth.

“Thanks…” Nick said handing the keys to Frankie.

“I’ll wait at the door for the car.” Frankie said and winked at me.

“He unstoppable.” Nick rolled his eyes.

“He’s cute.”

“This isn’t goodbye.” He smiled. “You made a promise.”

I smiled a little looking at my feet. I could feel his eyes on me; yes, I liked to feel his eyes on me when I looked away but I didn’t want him to see me broken hearted.

“Would you give me your phone number? S-so we can keep in touch.” He asked with a sweet voice that made my soul relive.

“Yes.” I said and wrote the number on a piece of paper and gave it to him.

“Nick! Come on! The car’s here.” Frankie yelled from the door.

“I’ll call you later.” He said holding my hand for a second.

“Okay, have a good flight.”

It was impossible for me to hug him goodbye with the counter between us so I just stay there and waved from my place.

Once again I was letting him go, but the only consolation of saying goodbye to someone you love is the hope that someday after that goodbye there will be another hello.

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