People Change and Promises...

It is incredible the way I feel right now. Some people say that good things take time, but really great things happen in the blink of an eye. I can’t believe that this is my life now… You wanna know what I’m talking about? Well… Almost 6 years ago I was in Houston with my family celebrating my birthday, now I’m in L.A. with my favorite musician as a husband thinking about what would be the perfect name for our upcoming baby. How did it happen? Let’s see…


19. “Like fire and rain. You can drive me insane, but I can’t stay mad at you for anything.” Wouldn’t change a thing –Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas

A week after my trip to Tampa, I was still kind of sad. I thought there would never be something more than friendship between Nick and me.

“I’ll miss you like hell.” Brenda said and hugged me goodbye. Yes, it was the day I had to get back home, and it hurt me to death to have to leave my girls, we got pretty close. “Remember I’ll be here for you no matter what, okay?”

“Thank you.” I replied and hugged her once again.

“Nathalie,” Brenda called her. “I love you and I’ll never forget you. I’ll miss you so much, curly twin.”

“Me too.” The blond girl said between the hug. “I wish I wasn’t leaving now.”

“Girls, you know where I am and where to call me. We will keep in touch, I promise.” She said and left us go to our respective flights.

Brenda was staying for another six months because her program was different. She was so lucky because even Adam would still be part of her life.

I tried not to think about how much I’d miss this place but someone texted me and killed the last vine of strength I had.

Have a good flight back home. I’ll see you soon. I miss you.

I turned off my phone because the flight attendance asked for it, but Nick’s message kept rounding my mind.

The day after I saw him, he just apologized on the phone because of his mood change but never said anything else. I guessed he decided to be friends with Delta again because when he called me he seemed really happy.

The ‘depression thing’ was MY thing so I stood in the sad mode for a few days; leaving Orlando didn’t help it.

I fell asleep as soon as the plane had elevated and that made it a quick trip. We landed and I turned on my phone to call my mom and say I’d arrived but before I could dial her number…

“Hello?” I answered the call.

“How was your flight?” Nick asked with a sweet voice. Somehow I knew he was smiling.

“It wasn’t so bad.” I said as I took my suitcases and got off the plane.


“Why are you calling me now?”

“I wanted to be the first voice you hear after landing, it was Kevin’s idea… And… Have I told I’ll go to Mexico pretty soon too?”

“No.” I said, almost screamed. “Why? When?”

“In a few weeks. Our tour includes your country.”

“Oh my god! Why didn’t you tell me before?”

“I was waiting for you to get back.”

“You waited for me to be as sad as hell and then light up my whole world again with that simple fact?” I spitted the words once again without thinking. I hoped he didn’t think that ‘light up my whole world’ was something flirty. Or maybe I actually wanted him to notice.

“Yeah, I was hoping so.” He giggled.

“I guess I’ll see you soon, then.”

“Yes.” I was about get to the migration booth but I didn’t want to stop listening to Nick’s voice. “You will have to take me to your favorite place. We’ll have a break day in Mexico City.”

“Yes, absolutely!”

“Well, I guess your family is waiting for you so…”

“I’ll see you soon.” I said with a huge grin on my face. “Nick?”


“Thank you. You’ve made my day.”

I hung up and continued my way home. My parents and my brother were waiting for me and when I saw them I just ran to them and hugged them. I never realized how much I’d missed my family.

“Oh my god!” A girl said behind me. “It’s you!”

I turned to her and couldn’t help it but smile. She was around 17 years old and was wearing a JB t-shirt.

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