People Change and Promises...

It is incredible the way I feel right now. Some people say that good things take time, but really great things happen in the blink of an eye. I can’t believe that this is my life now… You wanna know what I’m talking about? Well… Almost 6 years ago I was in Houston with my family celebrating my birthday, now I’m in L.A. with my favorite musician as a husband thinking about what would be the perfect name for our upcoming baby. How did it happen? Let’s see…


4. “I miss everything about you, can’t believe that I still want you.” I never told you –Colbie Caillat

After a few weeks, I was still feeling so happy because of what had happened in Houston, but every time I remembered the meeting or what I wish I had done in that moment I felt so… depressed.

“Hey! How are you?” Jessica asked making me drop every Jonas thought in the back of my mind.

“Good, what about you?” I said faking a smile.

“I’m good.”

I wrapped a little tighter my books and got into my seat in class.

I was about to finish high school. I was a senior; an average senior girl. The one that got a few friends, good grades, no parties and every teenage issue about her appearance.

When the teacher entered the classroom I felt how a piece of paper hit my head, it got stuck in my messy hair so I picked it up and read the note Jessica sent me.

I know you, you’re not okay. What’s going on?  She knew me, of course, but like I said before I show my emotions even when I don’t want to also.

I’ll tell you later- I wrote and threw it back to her.

The rest of the time before leaving school I was just thinking about those beautiful big brown eyes and that breath-taking smile I left back at Texas. Why do I need to feel that way for a celebrity?

I knew myself and I knew this wasn’t just a crush… I mean, when you feel excited about a song or a concert it’s fan girl love but what about when… All you think about are his eyes, his perfect lips, his lyrics or just the words he told you (live) ONCE?!

“So?” Jessica asked me when we were far away from school.

“You’ll think I’m a loser.” I sighed before getting into the park that was on our way home.

“I already think you’re a loser” She joked.

I smiled and kept walking to a swing. I put my backpack underneath the closest tree, sat down on the swing and started to move back and forth.

Jessica followed me…

“Have you ever liked somebody so much you just want to lock yourself in your room, turn on music and think?” I broke the silence.

“Yeah, of course.”

“Have you ever liked somebody that’s impossible to have?”

“No… Nothing is impossible, my friend.”

“I thought nothing was impossible until…” I stopped. What was I about to say? Such a fool of me! How can be in love with a guy I don’t even know?!

“Until what?”

“Never mind” I said trying to hide a tear that fell from my eye.

“Hey.” Jessica stood up, knelt in front of me, took my shoulders and made me look at her directly in the eyes. “You know you can trust me, no matter what it is, we will handle it. Together.”

“I-It’s not something we can handle.” I told her, letting a tear fall into her hand this time.

 “Okay… This thing is about a guy, right? Then why it is so complicated? They’re definitely not worth it”

I wish every girl in the world could say what she said and MEAN it like she did.

I shut my eyes trying to avoid any more tears and sighed.

 “Won’t you tell me who I need to kick for you?” She insisted. I smiled a little.

“Rem-Remember what I told you about my trip to Houston?” I mumbled.

“How could I forget it? You talked about it for an entire week! But how does that fit in here?”

“Well… That’s why this guy is impossible, he’s a Jonas…”

“You’re telling me you’re in love with a guy who you talked to once?” She said taking a deep breath.

“I wish I could explain how I feel,” I could feel the burn in my cheeks and started to spit the words. “because every night before I go to bed, he is all I think about. Every morning when I wake up, he is all I think. Every freaking thing I do, he is all I think abo-”

“Calm down!” She interrupted me.

“I’m sorry. It’s just that… This love isn’t even real.”

“I don’t agree.” Jessica said taking her things from the ground.  “He’s miles away and he does more damage than anyone’s ever done standing inches away from you. Look at those tears… At least, this love is real for you. And if you really want it, you really love him and you really care about this sh**, you would do ANYTHING for it.”

“Are you leaving?”

“Yes. Sorry, mom will kill me if I get a little late… Anyway, fight for what you want. I know you’re strong enough to chase your dreams. You never thought you would meet them and look at you! Crying for saying goodbye.” She hugged me “When two people are meant for each other, no time is too long, no distance is too far, and no one can ever tear them apart. If he’s for you, you’ll be together.”

“Thank you.” I whispered hugging her.

“I must go, but I’ll see you tomorrow and I don’t wanna see those tears ever again, I’m sure the curly one will love you as much as you do if you go conquer his heart.”

She kissed my cheek and ran to her place.

The curly one… Ha! Didn’t I tell you she knew me too well?

I really didn’t want to go home so I just kept my swing moving thinking about what Jessica just said.

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