Sam Brooks

Sam Brooks is a normal everyday teenager. Goes to school, gets above average grades, plays a few sports and even has a girlfriend. But that concept of normal changes when the gas station in his town caught fired and blew him up, and not only did he live through it but he also starts to develop these strange powers. At the same time, a strange girl comes to town with a cloud of mysteriousness around here that leads him to believe she knows something about what is happening to him.


1. 1

Cold. That's what I feel as it spreads from my chest to the rest of my body. I thought I would feel the heat of the fire as it roasted me alive. Honestly, I didn't think i would die in an explosion, especially where I live where nothing horrible happens. But, I guess I should start at the beginning so that you can understand how my day went from good, too insanely bad. And it all started with the end of summer and the beginning of school.

 "Hey Sam!" Johnathan screamed from outside my window. My best friend since we were born pretty much, and he has always been there to back up. I love the guy, but he can be an asshole sometimes. Kinda like what he is doing right now. Waking me up from a great night of sleep.

"What do you want man?" I turned over in my bed and looked out my window as he stepped through it into my room.

"Well, lets see. List of things I want starting with, getting starter for quarterback this year. Which means beating you and showing off how much better I am than you." I just stare at him and chuckle.

"Really? That's on the top of your list? Thought getting Katelyn to be your girlfriend would be number one but if you wanna lose at the first thing on your list that's fine with me." I throw my sheets off and head to the to the bathroom. "And next time, knock first. Otherwise I'll have to hurt that poor ego of yours."

"Whatever man. I was just making sure you didn't sleep in on the first day of school. Actually, now that I think about it, I should have let you sleep in. Then I would have had a better chance at starter." Johnathan grinned and opened my bedroom door and continued into the kitchen to once again, eat my food. Today is gonna be a good day, I thought to myself as i slipped into the shower.

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"Hey Sam," Cathy says as she walks by my locker. I glance back at her and wave at her. She gives me a quick wink and rounds the corner, most likely to her locker. 

Johnathan glances at our exchange and grins at me. "So, you gonna hook up with her this year? Or is that just random flirting?"

"What can I say man? It's awesome being starter quarterback. Oops, wait? You don't know what that is like do you?" I tap him on the shoulder lightly and he just glares at me.

"I hate you sometimes man, I really do. Then again, you are the only guy I can trust to watch my back so your lucky." As Johnathan closes his locker he glances down the hallway and just stares. I look over in the direction he is looking and understand why he is staring. In our little town, you know everyone and you know what goes on even if you don't want to. It's really hard not to know when there is someone new moving to town or who is cheating and with who they are cheating with.

"Johnathan? Did you know that there was someone new moving to town?" I studied the new girl as she opened her locker. She looked athletic, long dirty blond hair with glowing blue eyes. She looked out of place to be honest. One of those girls you could pick out of a crowd.

"No," Johnathan replied after looking her over as well. "I didn't know at all. She looks kinda scary though. Like she would hurt you if you said one thing out of line." As we kept looking and studying her she glanced in our direction and glared at us. Johnathan quickly looked away but I kept staring. She stared back and then surprise took over her face. Almost as if she knew who I was. I guess my face showed the confusion because she quickly looked away and walked off to class.

Johnathan looks at me and then glances at her. "Why did she give you that weird look?" I keep staring in the direction she went before replying. "I honestly don't know." Johnathan looked at me like he didn't believe me but went on down the hallway.

"Okay man. I'll see you after school at football practice." I turned and walked in the other direction with that girl still on my mind. Who was she? And why did she seem like she knew me?


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