The Perfect Boyfriend

Maya Kleen is a shy teenage girl with a dream to find the perfect boyfriend. She even writes rules for the perfect boyfriend. Once she meets Kevin Oakley things start to change Maya and maybe she might've actually found the right one.


5. Rule #5- He can't cuss

It was finally lunch time so I get in line to get the food. When I grabbed a tray I went through a line to get the food. The food was pizza with reddish brownish pepperoni sprinkled on top. The side dishes was green beans that smelled funny, fuzzy peaches, and mash potatoes with brown stuff mixed in with it. I should really start packing my lunch I thought to myself when I sat at a lunch table located outside.

"Hi." A girl said and sat down next to me at the lunch table. "Hello." I reply. I look up from my food and see Jenna with her lunch box. "Hey," a guy said and I could recognize that voice from anywhere. It was Kevin Oakley. I wave at him when he sit down at a seat across from me. Jenna looked at me and winked. "Childish." I joked to Jenna and glared in a funny way. "Am I a problem?" Kevin asked when he saw us messing around. I look up at him and my cheeks suddenly turn as red as a cheery. "Oh um no sorry. Jenna and I always joke around." Jenna's eyes opened wide and looked at me. "Go along with it." I whispered to her. I know we might have met today but for some reason I had a feeling Jenna and I will grow closer. Kevin gave us the stink eye and I laughed. Kevin smiled with his white teeth sparkling. He finally took a bite of his food that he got at school and immediately gagged it. "Gross don't eat the food!" He said. "I wasn't going to." I said and looked at my discussing food. "This is why I pack my own lunch." Jenna bragged and wave her lunch bag up so Kevin and I could examine it. I nodded so Jenna could put it down.

"Attention everyone!" Mrs. Hardy our principle announced. "I need all students in the auditorium now!" "Why does she want us there?" Kevin asked. "Its always about dress code." Jenna replied. Us 3 threw our lunches away and went straight into the auditorium. We sat ourselves in the comfy seats and waited peacefully until Mrs. Hardy would come. Well we didn't exactly wait peacefully. When we were sitting a girl named Molly Clark and her boyfriend Brandon Marshal went into our row. "Hey sorry to break it to you but you gotta move." Molly said to us. "Um no we aren't moving." Kevin said. Molly glared at Kevin and looked straight at Brandon as if she wanted Brandon to pound Kevin. Brandon finally got the sign and cracked his knuckles. "Get out." He commanded. "You can't tell us what to do!" Jenna shouted. "Yeah now leave." Kevin said. "You little a**hole think your so tough?" Brandon looked at Kevin sternly. Kevin gulped. "What your too scared to cuss?" Brandon laughed. "Come on babe lets sit somewhere else." Brandon replied. He put his arm around Molly and she giggled. "Bye losers!" She called out. Jenna rolled her eyes and sat back down. "Thanks for standing up for us." I leaned over to Kevin. He smiled. "Attention student of Allatoona high school." Mrs. Hardy said when she walked on stage with a microphone in her hand. "I have came to talk to you about," Mrs. Hardy paused. "Before I say it i'd want to say its bad." There was a shock in the audience.

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