The Perfect Boyfriend

Maya Kleen is a shy teenage girl with a dream to find the perfect boyfriend. She even writes rules for the perfect boyfriend. Once she meets Kevin Oakley things start to change Maya and maybe she might've actually found the right one.


3. Rule #3- He must be protective

"Hey." Kevin said when he sat to the seat right next to me in the back of the classroom. I wave at him but, didn't look away from my book I was reading. "How's your 8th day of school?" I asked without even thinking about it. "I've made tons of friends." I bit my lip in shame. How can he make so many friends while I have none? "So i was wondering," Kevin paused and looked at me. "Go on," i said. "I'd like to take you to a roller skating place. You know to get to know you better." I close my book and tapped my finger to my chin and thought for a second. "Yes I'll go." I said and smiled. "Sweet!" Kevin laughed and so did I. I don't know what he thought he was going to do with me but, I'd figure it out. Soon.

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