The Perfect Boyfriend

Maya Kleen is a shy teenage girl with a dream to find the perfect boyfriend. She even writes rules for the perfect boyfriend. Once she meets Kevin Oakley things start to change Maya and maybe she might've actually found the right one.


2. Rule #2- He must have a's and b's in school

I got home from school and plopped my book bag onto the hard wood floor. I couldn't stop thinking of the new guy Kevin Oakley. There was something defferent about him, but I bet you a million bucks he's just the same as any other stupid guy. When I reach my room I lay on my silky pink bed. When i turn over to the other side of my bed I see my dresser and the picture I had of my mother. I cry everytime I see that picture of her since that was the last time I ever saw her.

I had remebered what had happened to her. Its as if its stuck in my brain and it won't go away ever. My mom was divorced at this time and had been dating this guy named Carl Weslton. I had never liked him and I would call him that harry dude in front of my mom. Mom and I were very close and we did everything together so, Carl had gotten a little mad that I mostly had mom. Carl started to drink beer on a daily basis and couldn't stop. He would always get mad at mom but, she always knew it was because of his drinking problems. A few months later Carl would always abuse mom and I was forced to sit on the stairs and watch it happen. Tears rolled down my face when I was my moms terrible bruises. One night mom had enough so, we had packed our stuff to leave until something happened. When my mom almost opened the car door with me already in it Carl grabbed mom and he held a gun to her forehead. I screamed and cried until I heard the gun shot. After that I had grabbed my mom's cell phone and called the police. My dad had found me and now I live with him. That is a reason I don't trust any guy. You never know what they really are like. They may have a secret that they can't tell you or they are cheating on you. That is why there is no such thing as a perfect boyfriend.

"Maya!" Dad shouted from the kitchen. "What?" I asked getting up from my bed. "Time for dinner." Dad explained. I walked downstairs into dad's kitchen. Dad had already served himself and began devouring his freshly made steak. I grabbed a plate on the counter and grabbed a steak. "How was school?" Dad asked when I sat down on a chair across from him. "Great." I said still remebering Kevin's kinda sorta good looking face. "What was so great?" Dad asked ceriously."I made a new friend," I said stabbing my fork into a piece of steak and eating it. "What's his/her name?" Dad questioned. I got annoyed them. Does he have to know everything? I thought to myself angrily. "Kevin Oakley." I said. The rest of the dinner was pretty much silent. Dad and I don't really have anything in common so, Its pretty hard to start a conversation with him. After dinner I grab my plate and put it in the sink. Before I go in my room dad asked,"Maya, can I ask you something?" I look at him. "Sure." I said. Dad took and deep breathe and said,"There's a woman I've been seeing for awhile." My eyes opened wide. "W-what's her name?" I asked. "Fiona." Dad said.

When i go back into my room I look on my phone to see if there was anything on instagram. I go on instagram and see 1 new friend. I yawned and rubbed my eyes. Hmm. New request? I look and see who it was. Kevin Oakley.

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