The Perfect Boyfriend

Maya Kleen is a shy teenage girl with a dream to find the perfect boyfriend. She even writes rules for the perfect boyfriend. Once she meets Kevin Oakley things start to change Maya and maybe she might've actually found the right one.


1. Rule #1- He must be polite

Hello my name is Maya Kleen. I'm the type of girl who sits in the back of the classroom so no one can see me. I'm the type of girl who's only friend is my own diary. And I'm the type of girl who doesn't fall for any guy. He must be the perfect boyfriend. He may not have any flaws or be gross like farting and burping. That's why I Maya Kleen am no fool. I believe there is no such thing as a perfect boyfriend. If there is a perfect guy i'm ought to find out.

"Good morning class." Mrs. Rover the homeroom teacher said. "We have a new student." Mrs. Rover began while she pulled her rolly chair towards her and sat down. A guy walked into the classroom with his head facing the ground. "This is Kevin Oakley." Mrs Rover said and pushed her glasses up with her pointer finger. Kevin looked up from the ground and looked shyly at the class. "Hey." He said. I leaned closer onto my desk. The bad thing about sitting in the way back is that I can only hear half what people say. "Tell us about yourself." Mrs. Rover commanded in her sweet old lady voice. Kevin looked at Mrs.Rover and said "yes m'am." He said. My eyes opened wide when I heard his polite attitude. "Hmm he's cute and is polite." I said forgetting I wasn't alone. Everyone turned around to face me. "Do you have something to say?" Mrs. Rover asked. "Oh no um sorry." I hesitated. Kevin looked at me too and smiled. I guess he probably heard what I said too. I thought to myself.

If you don't know what Kevin looks like then Im glad to tell you. Kevin has brown not too long hair and he flips it all the time. His brown chocolate eyes are handsome but, when he starts to smile his perfect straight teeth always make me happy inside. He may be handsome but, I will not EVER fall for him.

The homeroom bell had finally rung. I get up from my seat to walk out, but was suddenly stopped by a familiar person. Kevin Oakley. "Hey," he smiled looking at me. My heart started pumping faster and faster. "Hi," I said. "Do you know where Math 302 is?" He asked lifting up his schedual. "Yeah I'm actually in that class too." I said maybe a little too excited. "Cool!" Kevin laughed. "Alright follow me." I said. Kevin and I walked in the hallway to Math 302. I'll be honest here, this was probably the best thing that has happened to me.

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