The Musician's Sister

Kai has been wanting to make it big time in Nashville, but every other time he's played at whatever bar that will take him, he's been shot down because he's not good enough. Danie is Kai's sister, she like her brother has a dream of singing on the big stage.


4. Four

*Danie's POV*

I helped Kai after the other groups performed. The bar returned to it's regular hours after the "concert", so Kai and I worked as bartenders, great!! I'm cleaning some of the glasses when I hear someone ask, "Can I get a water please?". I look up to find a blonde hair, green eyed guy staring at me. I nod and grab one of the glasses I just cleaned, filling it with water .

"Here you go." I say to him with a sweet smile. The guy nods his head and says, "Thanks.". I return to working when I hear Kai scream from the back room. I drop a glass and scream, "KAI! KAI, ARE YOU OKAY!!". I don't hear Kai anymore and I get really worried. I run to the back room and see one of the heavy yet light scaffoldings lying on top of him. 

"KAI!". I kneel beside him and check his pulse, it's good, but it's jumpy. I grab the scaffolding, pushing and trying to pull it off of him. I shout, "Fuck.". Out of the corner of my eye I see the guy from before. He grabs another part of the scaffolding and lifts it with my help. He holds the scaffolding as I pull Kai from underneath.

The guy lets the scaffolding fall after he knows I have Kai safely away. I prop him up against the wall and begin to check him over. The guy says, "My name's Dustin. How can I help?". I think for a few minutes and then say, "Go and see if Mike is out in the customer area. I think I can handle it from here.". Dustin nods his head and leaves to go and find Uncle Mike. I barely touch  Kai's lower left leg and he grunts in pain. 

I bust up a couple of old crates and use the good wood pieces to make a brace, at least it can be a brace until we get Kai to the hospital. Dustin and Uncle Mike come back into the room. Dustin helps me finalize the brace and he and Uncle Mike help Kai up. Now my brother can't really perform anymore, so I pray that he can recover quickly.

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