I'm a Thief

He just came and looked at me singing: “I’m a thief, I’m a thief”. And he really was, I never got my heart back. Well on the other hand I think I didn't ever want it back. But can two persons from different worlds really be together?

Nothing that happens in the fanfic is true. It's just my and some other fans imagination. Please don't get offended, it's just a fiction story made up by me. I also need to thank @inarrytears for all the endless conversations we've had while I've been writing this fan fic. A huge thank you for all of your ideas, decisions and comments on the way to the end. Without you I would probably never end this fic. So a huge thank you @inarrytears (:

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5. The day I woke up from the coma.

Okay peeps, in this chapter Neela is talking Finnish with her mom. I really wanted it to be different, so I really wrote the lines in Finnish. On those cases I've also translated them in English and the English translation always comes after the Finnish version, hope you understood. (: Enjoy!




I got back in Finland with an aching heart. There was a huge hole in my chest and it couldn’t be fixed. I wasn’t interested in going out with friends anymore, so at some point they stopped asking me to come with them. I wasn’t interested writing my blog anymore which was quite irritating since it had always been a way to breathe freely. Nuotti called me a couple of times a week or at least sent e-mails where they corrected my mistakes or reminded of my deadlines. And after all I was also a high school student. My grades dropped and because of that I got into several series of fights with my mom.


Life was exactly like it was before London, but still nothing was same. Time just didn’t move on at all.

There had been this one Irish young man who had stolen my heart. When I had flown back home he didn’t give me goodbyes nor my heart back.


It was already June when I woke up from my grey misty life. I hadn’t heard a word from the Irish one except from news. And I did everything I could to avoid the news about the band.

I sat out under the warm June Sun writing a gig-review from a concert I had seen last week. The deadline of the review was within a few days. I smeared the sentence I had written last and I tossed the notebook and the pen a meter away from me. I was annoyed because writing didn’t help me from feeling the pain anymore. At first it had, but then soon it stopped working and all I could think was Ni… him. I had been a blogger already, writing my own music blog, when Nuotti had found me and hired me to write stuff for them so I had been a writer almost my whole life. And now it didn't work out anymore.


I landed on my back to the grass, hands crossed behind my neck. I took a deep breath trying to calm down. I knew what, or well, who, pissed me off once again, so I tried not to think about him and the broken promise. I concentrated my thoughts to the band I was writing the gig-review about, but my phone’s ringtone distracted me. First I decided not to answer to the phone, but it just kept on ringing on the grass next to me. Finally I checked who was calling. Just a series of numbers. Probably just a phone seller.


”Nii mitä!” I snapped in Finnish when I finally answered the phone. A long silence greeted me on the line. ”Nii mitä?” I asked again, still irritated.

The person on the line hesitated a while, before I got a question back. “Amm… Do you speak English?” Yeah, feel free, no need to introduce yourself, I thought in my head.

”Yes I do. Listen, now it’s a bit bad timing, so could you…” I started, but the other person interrupted me.


“This takes only a minute. Please?” A male voice begged.

”Okay, shoot.”

”Do you happen to be Neela Kangas, the blogger and stuff?” he asked.

”Yes I am.”

The other one went mute. Totally. At first I thought the phone had ended, but when I checked it from the phone I saw the call was still rolling.


”Excuse me, but this is a private number, so if you’re some kinda fan or something, I’d prefer an e-mail”, I told the silent guys. My words made the guy on the line burst into something sounding like crying or laughing, I wasn’t sure. ”Okay, you’re a creepy freak, leave me alone!” I snapped and ended the call.

Didn’t take long my phone rang again. And this time too it was just a number so I was quite sure it was the same creep than last time. I hang up on him, just like I did on the next and the next after that. Finally on the fifth rang I answered again.


”Seriously, what do you want from me?” I asked without small talk.

“Neela, it’s me, Niall.”

I panicked and pressed the red button. My eyed blackened. I wasn’t sure if I had fainted of not, but at least I dropped the phone off my hand. I tried to catch a breath. After a long moment I took the phone up from the grass. How did he find me? My hands were shaking and I noticed I had failed ending the call so it was still rolling.


”Neela? Babe, are you alright? Hey, please answer to me. Neela? C’mon, just a little signal you’re there”, familiar voice said on the line. Now I knew it was Niall I recognized the voice immediately. I didn’t know how I didn’t recognize his accent and way of talking on the first call. Maybe I just had buried all the little memories deep inside of my brains.


I couldn’t said a word. Opened and shut my mouth like a fish on dry land. I panicked, what did Niall want? Niall just kept asking if I was still here and if everything was alright.

”What do you want from me?” I asked again, whimpered actually since I finally got words out. This time I wasn’t anger anymore. My voice was little, scared and out of puff. What Niall wanted?


”Neela, I am so sorry. I am sorry I broke my promise. I’m sorry I never contacted you before this. I’m sorry I let you go. I’m sorry of so many things and one of them is that now we’re talking via phone instead of something more personal like face to face. I am just sorry.” Niall let it all came out in one huge flow. I said nothing. What I could’ve said after all? ”We really need to talk. At least I think so. If you could do this one thing for me, just one little thing, please pack your bags and fly to Milan. I’ll be there waiting for you in the airport.”


“Niall…” I breathed out finally. What the hell was happening? How Niall could ask me something like that? He was kidding, right?

”Neela, please, wait a second. There’s a ticket waiting for you in the Finland’s main airport. Just tell them my name and you’ll get your ticket. The plane leaves tonight at 20:15. Neela, humor me, please be in that plane”, Niall sounded desperate. Very desperate.


“Niall… Don’t do this for me.” I started to cry against the phone. I heard Niall was sobbing too.

”Neela, I really need you here. Please.” Niall’s request was so passionate I just couldn’t say no. Oh come on, could you do that if the love of your life first would be cute, then treated you like a shit and then asked you to fly to see him on the other round of Europa?


”Okay. I will be there. Could you please repeat the info you just told me?” I said after a while. My head was spinning. I landed on my stomach to reach out my notebook and pen.

”So the plane to Milan. I think it was Finnair. Leaves today at 20:15 from the main airport of Finland. Tell them my name, I bought the ticket just a minute ago for you. They will give it to you. Just… just please be in that plane, please”, Niall kept begging I wrote the information Niall told me into my notebook.


“I will be in that plane”, I promised in the end. Didn’t even cross to my mind he had made a promise to me once.

We ended the call soon after that. I had four hours to get to the airport so I would get through the security check in time. I got up from the grass, picked up my stuff and ran inside to my mom.

”Äiti! Mä lähen Milanoon!” / ”Mom! I’m going to Milan!” I told her the first when I got her into my sight. Mom looked at me long, wondering my sudden changed essence.

”Milanoon? Millon?” / ”To Milan?” When?” mom asked wondering.


”Tänä iltana, kaheksalta!” / ”Tonight, at eight!” I giggled. All of this felt so surreal. Mom didn’t get a word out her mouth, so I rushed into my room to pack some clothes. I dug out my suitcase under my bed and started to toss things inside of it. I stopped for a moment when I realized Niall hadn’t spoken a word about my fly back. I had no idea how long I’d be gone.


The same idea was in my mom’s head, because she came to my door, leaned to a doorframe and started asking: ”No millon sä tuut takasin?” / “So when you’re coming back then?”

”Tota… mä en tiiä. Kyllä mä pärjään” / ”Well… I don’t know. I’ll be ok”, I smiled widely to her.

”No mistä tällänen yhtäkkinen hoppu? Minkä takia sä sinne menossa ylipäätään oot?” / ”But where all the sudden? Why you’re even going there?” äiti kept asking.


”Yks kaveri soitti, se haluu puhuu.” / ”A friend of mine called, he wants to talk.”

”Kaveri haluu puhuu? Jaahas.” / ”A friend wants to talk? Ookay.” Mom looked suspicious. ”En mä tienny, et sä oot tälläseen säästäny.” / ”I didn’t know you have been saving for this.”

”No en mä tarkalleen ottaen… No se kaveri osti lipun. Sen perhe on tosi rikas, ni ei tollanen tunnu missään. Kyl mä maksan sille takasi seuraavasta palkasta!” / ”Well I haven’t exactly… Okay the friend bought me a ticket. His family is very rich so a flight ticket is nothing to him. I’ll pay it back from my next paycheck!” I convinced to my mom stretching the truth.


After I had packed mom made me to eat some lasagna from last day before she agreed to drive me to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. The trip to there took ages although we lived in Espoo which was quite near the airport. I was in a tizzy through the whole drive and checked the clock ten times a minute. I was so afraid I’d be late. I couldn’t be late. If this was a chance to fix everything with Niall, I could not be late.


I got in time to the airport and pecked mom’s cheek before running inside to the international flights terminal with my bags. I found the reception quickly where they gave me my ticket quite fast. I half ran through the terminal, before I found my flights gates. I got through the security check easily and didn’t even take a long time before I noticed I was already sitting in a plane to Milan.


A flight to Milan felt a lot longer that it really was. Niall had bought the straight fly though I knew they cost a fortune, at least from Finnair. In my mind I thanked every single One Direction fans who had bought boys’ albums, merch or concert tickets, because of them I was on my way to see Niall.

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