I'm a Thief

He just came and looked at me singing: “I’m a thief, I’m a thief”. And he really was, I never got my heart back. Well on the other hand I think I didn't ever want it back. But can two persons from different worlds really be together?

Nothing that happens in the fanfic is true. It's just my and some other fans imagination. Please don't get offended, it's just a fiction story made up by me. I also need to thank @inarrytears for all the endless conversations we've had while I've been writing this fan fic. A huge thank you for all of your ideas, decisions and comments on the way to the end. Without you I would probably never end this fic. So a huge thank you @inarrytears (:

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4. Not gonna let you leave without decent goodbyes.

I was bored when sat in my hotel room. I had no idea what to do. A company would’ve been nice, but since Niall was in a concert he couldn’t come to save me from loneliness. Plus I probably was going to see him never again. But still it didn’t change the fact it was my last night in London. It had to be taken everything out of even if you still wanted to sit in your hotel room crying after your crush. I wondered a moment what to do before came up with a solution to get up and go out to see what London had to offer me. I was sure I’d find some company from a club.


I got up from the wide windowsill I had been sitting for a while. I headed to my little bathroom and one and half an hour later I was ready. Clean after a shower, dark copper colored hair straightened and front hair put up with pins. I had put some make up and ready with party clothes on. I looked at the result from a mirror before I was sure leather pants and violet spangle tube top were a good combination. I waited a bit more till my nails that I had painted in violet were dry for sure before I put my six inch string high heels on.


I was just checking what I had inside of my black little evening handbag when I heard a gentle knock from the door. A bit upset from the interruption I left my bag alone and went to the door. Behind the door was a face with a wide smile with a blond hair. I was so shocked I almost closed the door immediately until I really understood who was he.


”Well hello there!” Niall greeted me. I could nothing but stare. “What?” Niall asked finally when a word didn’t come from my mouth.

“I thought I’d never see you again!”


“Whaat? Why you thought that?” Niall wondered. He took me into his arms and hugged a long time. He saw for sure I was totally confused.

”I’m leaving tomorrow and I thought…” I mumbled against the good smelling chest.

“Did you really think I would let you leave without decent goodbyes?”


I thought the question was rhetoric but after I didn’t answer Niall pushed me away from his chest to see my face. I sighed and then nodded a little.

”Silly girl. Never”, Niall said. I was fine with the answer, but Niall wasn’t ready yet. ”Did you seriously think that? C’mon I’m living in the other side of the corridor.”


Niall took me back to a hug, kissed my forehead and sighed. After a while Niall started to take steps inside of my room. Then I realized we had been staying in the doorway for the whole time. Niall walked but kept me close to his chest all the time. I felt like a kid. We were sitting in my bed when I finally let go of the hug. Okay, I still took his hand to mine.


”Thought you were on a gig, what happened?” I asked from the blond singer. I wanted something else to think.

”Yeah, it ended already. We thought going out for party a little, and ask you to come along. Well, seems like you’re ready for a little party already.” Niall laughed while checking me from head to toe.


”Was just thinking the same! But actually not in the party-mood anymore.” I said to him.

“Oh come on, please come with me it'll be fun”, Niall begged and showed me the whole world’s most successful puppy face. I still hesitated a little.

“Is it okay with the other guys?”

”Of course it’s ok with them, actually Zayn just said he wants to get to know you”, Niall said sounding a bit weird.

”Sounds creepy”, I laughed a bit.


“Wanna hear a weird detail?” Niall asked. I wondered the change of topic, but still nodded curiously. ”I heard this from Louis. He told me that in the morning everyone got up and Paul of course told them I had gone out. Well, Liam and Zayn made a little bet after that. They were thinking if I had gone out with a girl or not. I usually don’t do this. Okay, never do this. Liam was sure 100% I was with you”, Niall blushed a little while saying that, “and Zayn was sure I had never in a million years asked you out. Well, Liam won as we both know, but I think Zayn might like you a little.” I looked at Niall and laughed a bit confused. Well that was weird.


“So… Quite weird… It got me thinking that Liam looked a bit too happy when we came out of the elevator”, I said and Niall laughed.

“Yeah, well he had just won ten pounds. I’d be happy too”, Niall smiled. “Okay, I was happy anyway.”

“Me too”, I smiled. I wanted to kiss him, but I wasn’t sure if it would be okay. I know, after what happened afternoon, it sounds stupid, but I just wasn’t sure what was going on.

“But wait, how did they knew to think it was just me who was with you?” I asked curiously. Interesting little detail indeed. Niall blushed.


“Well it might have been that I would’ve said a thing or two about you last night for boys…” Niall said awkwardly. I was happy. More than that. Niall had already last night talked about me to his friends!

”Aw!” I said and just had to kiss him. “But in that case I’m definitely in!” I got up from the bed. “I have to congrats Liam for a great victory! I just pack my handbag and I’m ready!”


”Well you gotta give us a few ten minutes to get ready. I’ll knock your door when we’re ready to go”, Niall gave me instructions. I promised to give some time and walked Niall to my door. He kissed me gently before went in from the door opposite mine. I said hi to the curly hair one, whose name I didn’t remember, and Liam who were just walking pass my door when Niall left. Okay, I said hi mainly to Liam, but I knew better so can’t blame. He greeted me back and the other singer didn’t even look at me. I just thought it was weird, but didn’t give it another thought. I closed the door and stated the fact that I had half an hour extra time. I opened a TV and settled down to stare at it after I realized there was nothing to do to my face. I watched some stupid comedy-shot until I heard series of knocks from the door. I turned off the TV and rushed to the door first taking a fast look from the mirror.


”You ready?” I asked while opening the door. Oops, it wasn’t Niall, but Liam.

”Yes we are!” Liam said and said his ”hi” after it.

”Umm… So where’s Niall?” I asked when I had already tried to look this from the corridor behind Liam and came up with a result: no Niall.


”Needed a minute, but asked me to pick you up already. Promised to meet us in a lobby”, Liam explained. I was fine with the explanation so I went to get my handbag and coat before I walked to the elevator after him. When we got out of the elevator Liam headed to the corner where the last three singers were. I just followed Liam. The other singers were sitting and standing on the leather couches.


”Hi everyone!” I greeted them with a smile. Everyone greeted happily back except the curly hair one. He seemed to be sulking for someone. Brown haired boy with smile from ear to ear elbowed the curly head sitting next to him. The curly head  put a fake smile on and said: ”hi.”

I felt awkward since everyone was watching me, I didn’t remember their names and if that wasn’t enough one of them either hated me already or then he was just having a really bad evening. I hoped it was the last one.


We stood a while in the awkward silence. The boys didn’t know what to talk with me, so it was me who had to come up with a discussion topic.

”I am so sorry, but I have to tell you guys: I don’t remember your names even though Liam yesterday told em to me. Could you please remind me of them?” I asked really awkward. I felt my cheeks were getting warm. I hoped from the bottom of my heart Niall to show up fast. Where the hell was he?!


”Haha, great! This is something new! Can’t remember the last time we needed to introduce ourselves! So you know my name, no need for an introduction to me”, Liam laughed and looked at me. I blushed even more. The whole situation was horrible and I hoped I hadn’t said anything. What a journalist, I berated myself silently in my mind.

”My name’s Zayn”, a very dark hair boy said and waved his hand to me. He was sitting on the back of the couch. I waved back and smiled a little just to try it.


”I’m Louis, nice to meetcha!” the boy who had elbowed the curly head one, the one with a wide smile, said and jumped up from the couch. He came to me and shook my hand. I knew already I would like him. There was something rascal and open in his eyes that I liked. Louis turned around to see the curly head one. Immeadiately when the others had told their names I remember the last one’s name. He was Harry. Harry still pouted on the couch. Louis hissed something to Harry, sounding like a line of ”z”’s. I was sure it was somekind of a nickname to the mope. Younger looking one glared the other boy in a temper meanwhile introducing himself: ”Harry.” Oookey, that’ enough thank you, I thought sarcastic.


”I am so sorry, Hazza here’s havin a really bad day, it’s not cause of you”, Louis tried to convince me, but Harry’s lightning eyes told me something else. I just smiled and introduced myself as Neela.

In the very same moment the elevator’s doors clinked and Niall ran out like a blond little tornado. I smiled at him as bright as I ever could and he answered at least as shiny. He stopped next to me, glimpsed fast his band mates before turning his eyes back to me.


”Hi, I’m sorry it took some time, I had lost my wallet!” Niall apologized us though looked only at me. I smiled and assured it was okay. Zayn couldn’t understand how someone can lost something as important as a wallet, but Niall just turned us to the outdoors. I and Niall were walking very close to each other, but still far enough we didn’t touch each other’s hands. I was still quite shy because of the other One Direction guys, especially Harry, who was angry for some unknown reason.


Out Liam headed our little group to the limousine which was stopped in front of the doors. First I hoped and thought we’d be walking pass it, but yeah, guess that was a stupid wish. Others were stuffing themselves into the limousine and Niall fastened his steps a bit to keep the door open for me and to offer his hand for me to make it easier for me to get in. Still I stopped in front of the door and looked at Niall shocked.


”Seriously?” was all I could ask.

”What?” Niall wondered. In the car other boys stopped their high volume talk about some new PA stuff so they could hear our conversation. Okay, time for the very embarrassing moments.

”You’re really going clubbing riding a limo?”

Niall laughed. “Well, Paul wants to know where we’re going!”

“Still, I’m not so sure this was a good idea…” I hesitated.


“Oh come on, just get in!” light hair boy said with his cute Irish accent. I thought for a moment, but eventually went in. I sat next to Zayn, across Louis and Harry. I tried to smile to Harry, but he turned his look back to Louis. They looked like having a really deep and quiet conversation. I looked the limousine’s black decoration. Windows were (of course, I thought in my mind) shaded and there was a skylight. Next to Liam there was a little fridge.


I looked over to Niall who came to sit on the other side of me. I smiled to him and was a bit relieved to get a smile back.

”How was the concert?” I asked from Niall.

“Nah, quite normal one”, Niall was about to answer when Zayn burst into laughter from the other side of me.


”Hazza dropped off the stage”, Harry turned to look at us when he heard his nickname. ”And Daddy accidentally throw his microphone to the audience and the gig had to put on hold till we got it back? How can you call that normal?” Zayn laughed out loud and told me excitedly. I laughed too.

”Yeah, I hope that’s not too ’normal-day-at-the-office’ for you, Niall!” I elbowed Niall lightly. “But who’s ‘Daddy’?” I asked from Zayn.


“Oh, so you don’t know. Liam’s the daddy Direction coz… well just look at him!” Zayn tried to explain. Immediately I understood what he meant. Liam not only looked older but also seemed to be the most mature of the guys.

”Are you the oldest of you guys?” I asked from Liam this time.

“Surprisingly I am not”, Liam answered and before I got a change to asked who was the oldest he already answered: “Actually Louis’ the oldest one, but I know it’s quite hard to guess that one!” Liam laughed and Louis shouted, pretend Liam had hurt his feelings.


“Well I’m sorry I just wanna keep myself young! Who doesn’t want to life forever?” Louis joked.

“How old are you guys?” I asked from everyone. Actually I was the most interested in Niall’s age, but like I was going to say that to them.


”Zayn’s 19 and so am I with Nialler later this year. Lou here is turning 21 in December. Hazza is the youngest and he’s 18”, Liam introduced the ages, pointing out to the singer he was talking about. I thanked Liam silently in my mind, because I still needed some training with their names.


”Cool! I’m 18 also. In which month have you born?” I asked from Harry, mainly because I tried to be friendly. He just blew the air out of his lungs like he was suffering. Then he answered shortly, that he had born on the first of February. Again I tried to smile at him, but didn’t receive an answer, so once again the smile dried on my lips. Awkward silence followed Harry’s short answer. I just didn’t understand what was wrong with the boy.


”Oh, we’re here!” Niall said loudly and happily, but still sounded a bit tense. I was sure that he knew why Harry hated me. Because I didn’t want to press them with this thing, I decided try to avoid Harry as much as I could during the evening. Which was sad since he looked very close with Louis and they were together all the time and if they were together I couldn’t get to know Louis either.


We got out of the car, walked by the line into the fancy nightclub. No-one asked for an ID not to mention about cloakroom pay. Well, this was like to be One Direction, or well, that least in their company.

Inside the club everyone went to different directions. I headed to a bar with Niall. He handed me a shot and some drink before I even had a chance to order anything. Damn, Niall was fast!


”What is this?” I asked looking the shot a bit suspicious.

”Don’t look at it, it’s supposed to be drunken!” Niall laughed at me. He took his glasses and we walked around the place before we found the other boys except Zayn. They sat in two little couches. I sat in front of Liam to a little cube seat. Niall sat next to me another seat like I had.

”Ready?” Niall asked, laughed and raised his shot. I said I was, raised mine. ”One, two, drink!”


And so the evening started. We danced a lot with Niall. I danced also a bit with Liam and Zayn too. I drank too much, had fun, laughed, drank a little more, avoided Harry and so didn’t speak with Louis either. Booze got up to my head and we got much closer with Niall. So close it wasn’t a problem anymore to kiss (or do anything else if that mattered) him in front of the other boys. With three words, the night was hot, intense and glorious.



The next morning was the day I had to leave London. I woke up in my hotel room with a horrible hangover. I didn’t remember too much about last night partying. Maybe it was good I didn’t remember after all. I lied in my bed a long time, waiting to die. I waited for an hour, but when I didn’t die, I knew I had to pack up and leave to an airport.


I got up from the bed whining and growling, shuffled to a bathroom and was about to scream out of pure horrified when I saw myself from the mirror. I washed make up and sweat off my face and then hit the bathroom. After the bathroom I started the morning again, with a better feeling. A painkiller I took earlier and all water I had drank had helped a lot. When I packed and got ready I waited all the time for a knock from the door. The whole morning there was no knocking. When I finally was ready to leave, I walked out of my room, left my suitcase to wait me in front of my hotel room and took a step to Niall’s door. I knocked four times. No answer. I tried again. Still no answer. I sighed and pressed my forehead against his door. Tears wanted to come to my eyes. Niall had promised not to allow me leave without decent goodbyes, he had promised.


I tried other boys’ doors too, but not a single one of them answer. For a moment I thought I heard talking from Harry’s and Louis’ room, but since they didn’t answer either I knew I had imagined the whole thing. I went out, took a taxi and rode to Heathrow airport. I still protested against the tears. Not until I had been in the airport a good while and gates to the plane were opened I know that Niall wouldn’t come to say his goodbyes even to the airport. Maybe I had deep inside of me been waiting for him still to show up. Waiting room started to get empty. Eventually I cracked into the tears. Niall had promised, he had promised me. I crumpled the entering wristband from last night. My tears messed the wristband made of paper.


Niall had broken his promise.

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