I'm a Thief

He just came and looked at me singing: “I’m a thief, I’m a thief”. And he really was, I never got my heart back. Well on the other hand I think I didn't ever want it back. But can two persons from different worlds really be together?

Nothing that happens in the fanfic is true. It's just my and some other fans imagination. Please don't get offended, it's just a fiction story made up by me. I also need to thank @inarrytears for all the endless conversations we've had while I've been writing this fan fic. A huge thank you for all of your ideas, decisions and comments on the way to the end. Without you I would probably never end this fic. So a huge thank you @inarrytears (:

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6. I hadn't ever felt this loved.

When the plane finally touched Italian landscape and rolled to stop I was the first ones out of the plane. I rushed to terminal with the other passengers. I tried to find my bags fast, but it didn’t happen as fast as I would’ve liked to. When I finally got my bags I burst into ran to see my blond flurry head. When I finally got to the waiting room I saw a lot of media and fans. I didn’t know who celebrity had been in the plane with me, all I cared was that the media and the fans were blocking my sight. It took a while till I got Niall into my sight. There he was, Liam and Paul standing next to him. I put my bags down. All the cameras started to flash, but I didn’t turn around to see who the celebrity they were shooting was. I started to ran to Niall who hadn’t glanced away from me from the moment he had seen me for the first time. Only a couple of meters and I was in the arms I had missed more than life.


“Niall”, I sobbed into his chest. There were no words needed, we knew it all was forgiven and forgotten. Everything was just like it had been before I had left. Young man squeezed me against his chest harder. I felt something wet dropping to my hair and I knew Niall was crying too. I lifted my face from his chest just to feel his lips onto mine. After that I knew that I wouldn’t leave Niall ever again if it just would be okay for him. When we had hugged, cried, kissed and hugged even more, Paul and Liam came to us. Both of them greeted happily and Liam even hugged. They carried my suitcases and when I tried to get one of them the men just laughed and told me to keep my both hands on Niall’s arm. It took a moment before I understood what they meant by that but when we had took a couple of steps the media and the fans attacked on us I understood their words. Paul did everything he could to get us through. I squeezed Niall’s arm hard with both of my hands and he kept one of his on my back, holding on my top, making sure I wouldn’t get lost in the crowd.


After a while I understood there hadn't been no a huge celebrity on my flight. All the media and the fans had been there because of Liam and Niall. All of them had been waiting for me, I thought, whoa.

Niall didn’t take any pictures with fans because he didn’t want to lay his hands off me and because he didn’t want to get me into the pictures (although it was impossible to dodge from the media’s and fan’s other pictures), but a couple of papers he signed. Liam gave a bit more to the fans. Niall whispered into my ear he had given some autographs, pictures and hugs whilst waiting for me.


Media tried to get some words from me. Mainly they were asking if I was Niall’s girlfriend, but Niall told me not to answer. Media would do their conclusions anyway.

”Whoa, that was a circus!” I breathed out when we finally got inside of the SUV which was parked in front of the main doors. Niall, Liam and Paul just laughed at me and told it was quite a normal day for them. ”Damn, wouldn’t like it to be mine!” I declared.

”Well, I think you’re kinda already in this circus!” Niall laughed and pulled me closer to him. I leaned against Niall and smiled out of the window where was already dark.


The whole trip to the hotel guys stayed silent. I just enjoyed Niall, his scent, breath and the whole essence. Every once in a while someone said something, but mostly everyone was just silent. I wondered where the other singers were. And what would Harry say about my comeback? Or did I even was back?

I finally started to get some answers when I got to a hotel room with Niall. Liam went to a room next to ours and Paul went still out to take care of some business though it was already late. On the way up to the room there wasn’t a sign of the other boys.


I jumped one of the made bed. I felt myself tired as hell. The trip and the whole day had been very tiring. Still couldn’t believe only ten hours ago I had sat on my home grass and whined about a gig review.

I turned to my stomach when Niall came to lay next to me.

”So let’s talk”, I said seriously.

”Let’s do.”


I waited a moment for Niall to start. He needed a minute to think what to say, so I had to wait a long time, before he started: ”I broke my promise. That’s the one thing I regret in my whole life. I am so sorry, feel so horrible!” Niall’s eyes got wet when he thought about the past. I lift my hand and caress his cheek. ”I was there, but I just couldn’t.” Niall was silent a long time just crying hard. Tears came from my eyes too. Just to see him crying hurt me. ”I was in my hotel room, I heard you knocking, but I just couldn’t come and say goodbyes. It felt so horrible. Both of them, you leaving and me being so idiot! I had told the guys not to open their doors to you if you’d tried to knock their doors too.” Niall, whose look had turned into sheets lifted it back to me. “Neela, you just can’t believe how sorry I am. You don’t have to forgive me right away, but please could you consider forgiving me some day?” Niall asked heart-breaking.


“Niall. I know what you did was horrible and it sure broke both of our hearts, but for me, the main point is, that right now we’re at least together!” I said in a confident voice. I caress his blond hair and smiled a little. Niall took a moment before he answered to my smile. ”Just please, never, ever again broke your promises again.”

“Never.” Niall showed me his hands. On inner wrists were some text. On the left wrist read “Break it” and on the right one “Fix it”. I took his wrists to my hands and cried. I kissed both of the texts and finally Niall’s lips. Eventually we laid on top of each other, me half on top of his chest. I listened his steady heartbeat and silence. Everything was good. We were good.


”What are you gonna answer?” Niall asked after fifteen minutes of silence.

”For what?” I didn’t understand the question.

”For the media. About being my girlfriend”, Niall let me know.

“Well…” I raised my eyes from his hands I was playing with to his eyes. “I would love to answer ‘yes I am, and proud to be’ if it’s okay for you”, I asked from him. Niall took me even tighter to his chest.

“Yes, it’s ‘okay’, actually a way more than just ‘okay’ for me”, Niall smiled happily.


In the morning I woke up next to Niall. He breathed very evenly so I deduced he was still asleep. Still I had to get to a bathroom, so I smuggled myself quietly from between a wall and Niall to get out. When I had got myself away from there I checked if I had woke up Niall or Liam who slept on the other bed. Liam had come to sleep on the other bed whilst I and Niall had shared the other one. Today we were going to get our own room.

When I came back from the bathroom I noticed Niall had woken up.

 ”Morning”, I said quietly and sat on to Niall’s lap. He was sitting on the edge of the bed and trying to wake himself up properly. I wrapped my arms around my new boyfriend’s neck and admired the rising sun.


”Morning hun!” Niall said happily and kissed me to my shoulder. I smiled at him and almost right away took fright because of Liam’s iPhone which started to wake up the singer next to us. Liam grunted, turned in his bed, shut the alarm down and put his head back to his pillow. We laughed with Niall to the waking singer who made weird disgusted noises under his cover. We gave him some time to wake up and I just sat on Niall’s lap and together we watched the sun beams which came in between the curtains. After about five minutes Liam’s voice came under the cover with a question: ”What’s the schedule for today?”

”Well, first of all we’re already late, we should be getting ready for breakfast already”, Niall smirked.

“Argh… What bout after that?” Liam put his head out of the cover.


“You, me and Harry, we have a bunch of interviews for radios and magazines in the morning and noon. At 14 o’clock all of us have to be in a television interview. Yeah, and half past four we’ve to be at… Ah, don’t remember name of the place we’re performing today”, Niall told him meanwhile Liam showed even more signs of being alive.

“What am I gonna do the whole day?” I asked. Yeah, I had flown all the way from Finland here to talk and now all the talking was done I had nothing else to do. Great.

”Well you can hung around with Louis and Zayn?” Niall suggested. I though about it a while, sounded nice. ”On the other hand, I’d like to hung with you, so would also be great if you’d come with me. Anyway we have to walk and wait and travel a lot, so I can be with you. You just have to wait little time during every interview.”


I thought about the suggestions for a while. “You sure it would be okay with everyone?” By ‘everyone’ I meant maybe a bit more Harry than interviewers.

”Of course it’s okay!” Niall was excited. “Isn’t it, Liam?”

“Yep, it is”, Liam agreed and started to get out of bed. I still wasn’t very sure about it and Liam saw my doubting face. ”Oh come on, don’t you wanna hang the whole day with your love one?” Good question. I smiled at the boys and agreed with the suggestion.


After we had dressed up and got ready for the day we headed to the breakfast.

”Niall”, I started and took his hand onto mine. ”How long are you gonna stay in Milan? I mean how long I am gonna stay here?”

”Well, I was planning to kidnap you to come to tour with us. At least for the summer”, Niall added when he saw my face. I couldn’t but smile. I wasn’t sure if it would work out, but of course we could try that. A summer with a love one touring around the world didn’t sound very bad after all.

”Yeah, I’d love that!” I kissed him quickly before an elevator’s doors opened and we went to a restaurant with the other One Direction guys and their tour people. I got a lot of happy greets and Louis even jumped up from his chair and came to hug me. I liked that the boy who smiled a lot seemed to like me because I liked him too.


I didn’t know how planned it was, but when there was two seats free of course I assumed Niall would sit next to Harry and I next to Zayn. I was quite sure the curly head still didn’t like me. Well my assuming was wrong. Niall sat next to Zayn and offered me the chair between to him and Harry. For a moment I froze in a fear. After all I couldn’t but sit, so I encouraged myself and sat down. Harry was talking with Louis, heads together and didn’t give any attention to me. I was fine with it.

I started to eat my breakfast quietly because Niall was talking with Zayn. On the other side of the table sat a woman. I smiled her a little and got a smile back. Nice to know even somebody smiled for me.

”Hazz, we were planning with Liam that we’d take Neela with us to the interview-tour and stuff”, Niall turned over me to speak to Harry. Brown hair boy next to me turned slowly and I prepared myself to see the angry eyes again. I was astonished when he turned and there was no hate in his eyes. At all. Not even the slightest disgust. ”Yeah, but only if that’s okay with you?” Niall added just in case, like a hint to Harry about something.


”Yeah, why not! I have nothing against it, will be fun”, Harry said and smiled at me. Wait a minute, SMILED?! I was so nonplussed, what had happened? But yeah, the corners of his mouth were getting closer to his ears. I blinked my eyes a couple of times to be sure. But Harry hadn’t stopped yet. ”And actually, I would like to change a couple of words with you Neela, if you’re okay with it? Maybe after the breakfast?”

My heart started to race in my chest. What did he want to talk about? Hopefully he wasn’t going to threaten me when Niall wasn’t there to look after me. Or him, what ever. At least it seemed like Niall would’ve gave lecture to him because now he was so friendly to me.

”Ää..” I answered in a very Finnish way and looked at Niall to get some courage. He took my hand under the table and smiled. ”Ye-yeah, sure!” I said finally a bit unsure.

”Cool!” Harry said and smiled again. Okay, I wouldn’t get used to his smile ever.

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