I'm a Thief

He just came and looked at me singing: “I’m a thief, I’m a thief”. And he really was, I never got my heart back. Well on the other hand I think I didn't ever want it back. But can two persons from different worlds really be together?

Nothing that happens in the fanfic is true. It's just my and some other fans imagination. Please don't get offended, it's just a fiction story made up by me. I also need to thank @inarrytears for all the endless conversations we've had while I've been writing this fan fic. A huge thank you for all of your ideas, decisions and comments on the way to the end. Without you I would probably never end this fic. So a huge thank you @inarrytears (:

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2. How did I meet them in the first place.

I watched how excited bunch of girls screamed after the boys on the stage. Those boys seemed to enjoy all of the attention they were getting and screaming got two of the boys dance some weird duck-dance in the middle of the stage.


To be exact there were five boys on the stage. Or at least there were five members in the boy band everyone had come to see. Behind the five singers played a live band, but it was hard to see them from the dark. And the young girls didn't actually even care about them. I instead watched closely not only the five boys in front, but also the band behind them, how they played and moved. I took many photos with my camera to make sure I would save as many great moments without fuzziness as I just could.


One of the five singers came to me. He looked at me and sang: “I’m a thief, I’m a thief” along the song. He somehow hypnotized me, so I paused working. I just stared at the boy who was about my age, before finally was able to tear my eyes off his blue ones. I went to see concerts often since I worked as a blogger and a journalist, so I had used to musicians and their flirty characters. This time I felt how my hands got sweaty and my heart started to beat faster. I blushed and took one hand off my camera to swipe it to my trousers. Blond singer took immediately a steady hold on my camera and said something to me. Right next to me there were tens of girls just shouting right to my ear because the singer was near, so I couldn't hear a word he was saying. Singer looked asking, so I thought he wanted to borrow my camera. That had happened many times before so I was quite used to it. I just nodded to the boy and took my other hand off the camera too. In the next moment I saw my camera and the blond boy to be on the other side of the huge stage and I missed the camera already. He took pictures of the audience, four other singers, band members and he took selfies with the other singers. I laughed at myself and was excited to get the camera back.


”The next song is actually one of the last ones, so let’s take everything out of it London!” Brunette curly hair, very young looking boy said to the microphone with his cute British-accent. In the very next moment a boy next to him, a brunette also, started to tickle younger one’s sides. Curly-headed got away from the other boy’s hold and ran away meanwhile the band started a new song. The song was one of the rare one I knew from the band. Or actually it was Blondie’s One Way Or Another, so guess it didn’t count either. I always did background checks from the bands lazily, since I wanted to go to see the band’s with knowing nothing about them. I thought it was the best way of being neutral about them during their concerts. This time my employer Nuotti (The Note in English) had sent me to London to see this new boy band One Direction and to write a two-page article to the magazine and a review from the gig to my blog.


The blond guy who had stolen my camera came close to that part of the audience where I was and he sang: “One way or another I’m gonna find ya”. He looked like looking for someone. He looked and looked but couldn’t find what he was searching. After the song he asked who had borrowed her camera to him. Well of course thousands of girls screamed back. Who wouldn't lie a bit to get a look from her idol? I tried to swing my hands and get the boy to look at me, but he didn't.


The same boy who had tickled the youngest looking earlier came to the blond. The tickler tried to say something, but he had to laugh a bit with himself, before was able to say it: ”So you've became a kleptomaniac? Couldn't afford to buy your own so had to steal a fans camera?” Both of the boys laughed and the speaker tried started a wrestle with the blond one. A third one, a black or just very dark brown haired guys who looked like he was from the Mediterranean Sea area joined them and they all fell down.


”N because this’ my whole life, that someone’s always attacking on me, this song’s Story of My Life. From me to you”, said a voice from speakers. I recognized the voice belonging to the boy who had called the blond one kleptomaniac so I laughed hard when I realized he was puffing his words from the little heap. Inspired of the speech the last two boys jumped onto the heap too. The whole place filled with laughter when the boys burst out laughing and their microphones took the sound. Story of My Life started and many girls from the audience started to cry. I wasn't sure if they were crying because of the concert was coming to an end or because it was a beautiful song. Perhaps I could have done the last one if I would have been a true fan. Now I just wanted my camera back.


The concert ended and I was really happy Nuotti had sent me to England. Usually I worked only in Finland, but because One Direction was on the top right now, the magazine had to take advantage of that. The boys left the stage one by one and the blond one took my camera with him to backstage. Security started to guide the audience out of the building. I played for time as long as I could before they guided me too out of Wembley-arena. I tried to explain one of the singers had took my camera, but the big security guy wasn’t interested. Outside I had to stay with the last fans to see if the band would come out to say hi to the fans. We waited for a long time, before doors opened. Five young men with hairs wet came out with their own security. Looked like they had took a shower. In the matter of seconds the fans who had stayed attacked on to the boys. Everyone wanted a piece of the boys: a signature, a picture, a hug or to give to the boys their presents or something else. Waiting for my opportunity to talk with some of the boys I offered to take a picture from a fan and a short haired singer. The singer I took a picture of was the manliest of the boys from the stage. I bet he was the oldest of the group. Immediately I became an official photographer. A fan after fan gave me her camera and I took a picture of her with someone from One Direction.


After a long time, when there were only a couple of ten fans left I noticed I was standing next to the eldest looking one. No one was asking anything from him which was quite surprising. I felt awkward for just standing and ignoring him, so I had to start a conversation with him.  

”Hi! The gig was very good. Totally different than I had expected thought.”


The boy took his eyes off the group which was right in front of us and smiled to me. ”Hey! Great to hear you liked it. Have to ask, what were you expecting?”

I laughed a little. ”I’m not sure. Maybe a bit more ’Backstreet Boys’-kind of dancing. At least not all of that. So relaxed and... all.”


The boy smiled a lot wider now. ”Actually we never wanted that kind of dancing. From the beginning it was clear that it wasn't our thing. Besides Zayn’s quite bad at dancing and some of us are not too pro either so we just decided to leave that stuff for those who know how to do it.

I just nodded and laughed a bit for him. I got a bit confused from the “Zayn” name. It was very different. Could have been that the boy I was talking to noticed it since he pointed the very dark haired one and told me he was Zayn. ”So you’re not that huge fan, are you?”


I shook my head. ”Well actually not. If I’m telling the truth I had heard probably two songs from you guys before this evening. I’m here working. I’m a reporter and a blogger from Finland and actually I’m working with an article and a blog post about you guys.”

”Oh, that’s nice to hear. Hope they’re positive?” The boy asked smiling.


”Nah, thought I’d bash you a lot.” I played with the boy. ”Okay, not. Just telling bout the gig and my feelings and stuff”, I got serious. ”I just have never wanted to do any kind of background checks of bands before gigs, so I can get everything out of their gig. So I really know nothing bout you guys. Well except that now I know you’re quite good on stage!”

The boy took my compliments with a smile. ”Really, nothing? Okay, in that case I’m really sorry I've been so unmannerly. My name’s Liam” We shook hands with Liam and I told him my name was Neela.


”Okay, that’s quite hard name for me”, Liam laughed and repeated my name a couple of times. ”Where were you from? Didn't you just say it? You weren't a Britt, right?”

”No I’m not. I’m from Finland. It’s right...” I was just about to explain where my homeland was, when Liam spoke over me: ”Right next to Sweden. Yeah, I've been in Sweden when I was kid and a couple of times with guys. Sadly we've never made it to Finland. Well, at least not yet.”


”Well I can tell you have a lot of fans in there. At least it seems so. So far I have seen you've succeeded very well on every kind of playlists and votings”, I told to Liam. He looked surprised.

”Oh? How cool!” Liam got excited.


When I was talking with Liam Wembley’s parking lot got emptier. There was just a couple of fans left who didn't understand to go home. Well on the other hand I was still here, so maybe I wasn't the best one to say that.

”Liam, Liam, Liam, Liam!!” The blond camera-thief ran to us when he got the last signatures written. Liam turned to him and he said something about a microphone or something. My English was good, but the boy who had just came had so strong Irish accent it was hard for me to understand that.


Liam turned back to me. ”I’m afraid I've gotta go inside, staff has lost my mic. It was a pleasure to meetcha, thanks for this Neela.” Liam shook my hand before he bowed a little and disappeared from Wembley’s doors. After Liam was gone the blond boy almost headed behind him leaving me alone before I understood to ask for my camera.


”Hei. Hei!" I started to shout after him in Finnish. "Hei excuse me! You, the blond one.” I continued trying to catch his attention. Unfortunately Liam hadn’t told me this boy’s name. I ran after him and took a hold from his shoulder before he gave any attention towards me.

”I’m sorry, but, öhm, you just… You accidentally took my camera n didn't give it back. I was just wondering if I could have it back now, so I could do my article...” I spluttered something. Usually I didn't get nervous around musicians. I didn't like this boy because be made me feel like this.


”It’s you!” The blond’s eyes started to shine when he connected me to the camera. ”I am SO sorry! I just couldn't find you from the audience again though I really tried. I don’t usually do this. I am SO, SO, SO sorry!!”

I smiled a little for the boy’s little awkwardness. ”It’s okay. Just would like to have it back. I should still write a couple of articles bout you guys later today. Really would need those pictures for my texts.”

”How cool! What are you writing bout us?” Blond asked interested.


”I’m a blogger and a reporter from Finland. Neela”, I shook the blond’s hand who told his name Niall. ”Well, great to know finally your name. Won’t have to call you ‘Mister camera-stealer’ through the whole article.” We laughed with Niall and he promised to give the camera right-a-way back to me. Niall was heading back inside Wembley. I was going to wait him outside, but then he came back to me and pulled me in from the door Liam and the other boys had disappeared just moments ago. Niall kept his hand on my back while he was leading to the backstage. Big and bright backstage was a much better than what I had used to see in the clubs in Finland. The room was full of people in hurry who were mainly packing things to the bags they belonged. I walked after Niall across the room to the other boys.


”Oh, hi again Neela!” Liam smiled to me immediately. I liked the way those young men said my name. It sounded so different, funny and fresh.

Young looking curly head who was backside to me turned around when he heard Liam’s greetings. He and two other boys looked curious. Probably wasn't too often when strange young ladies came to the backstage?


”Well, it turned out the camera was Neela’s”, Niall smiled cute and embarrassed. That smile would have melt even glaciers that was sure.

”Niall! How Neela can write her articles, when you go and steal her camera?!” Liam upbraided the other boy playfully.


”I just…” Niall tried, but I interrupted him saying I had took enough photos already. Niall went to get the camera from where he had left it meanwhile Liam introduced me with the other boys. I already knew Zayn’s name, since Liam had just told it to me outside, it was just a little hard to remember. The young boy was Harry and the bully who had bullied playfully both Harry and Niall on stage was Louis. I shook their hands and said some compliments.


”Neela”, Niall shouted from far before he got to us. He said my name so funnily I just had to smirk. ”Can we see the pictures you took from the gig?”

”Ää...” I doubted in Finnish. ”I am not a photographer. I just takes pictures for my own fun and to the blog.”

I saw five puppy faces in front of me so I just had to say yes. Together we started to watch the pictures I had took from the gig.




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Here's the first chapter of my first fanfiction in English. Hope it's not that bad, haha. (: Thank you so much for reading this fic, really do hope you like it! Lemme know what you think! (:

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