I'm a Thief

He just came and looked at me singing: “I’m a thief, I’m a thief”. And he really was, I never got my heart back. Well on the other hand I think I didn't ever want it back. But can two persons from different worlds really be together?

Nothing that happens in the fanfic is true. It's just my and some other fans imagination. Please don't get offended, it's just a fiction story made up by me. I also need to thank @inarrytears for all the endless conversations we've had while I've been writing this fan fic. A huge thank you for all of your ideas, decisions and comments on the way to the end. Without you I would probably never end this fic. So a huge thank you @inarrytears (:

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3. A story about how he became a thief.

In the next morning I woke up in my hotel room. The sun shined straight to my eyes while I stretched in my bed. I took my time to get up, because I had no hurry anywhere. I decided, since it was my last day in London, I’d take everything out of it. I would go sightseeing and spend a lot of time outdoors. Sunny spring morning fit just great with my plans, so I got up of the bed. I dressed up into a wine red tunic and black leggings before I put on some make up and went downstairs to see if I would get some breakfast.


At breakfast I took some vanilla yogurt and muesli, a bread with paprika and a glass of apple juice. I headed to sit next to windows carrying a tray. The spot was very warm and light, just the way I wanted it.

I had eaten alone just a moment before I saw a familiar young man waving his hand to me next to boiled eggs. I waved back and an excited smile came to my lips.


Niall came closer. He was still a few tables away when he already shouted hello. All this time he was wearing a huge smile. The morning just got brighter.

”Well g’morn to you too”, I laughed at his eager. Niall sat opposite to me and started to fill his mouth with fried eggs. ”Didn’t know you were staying in this very same hotel. So where’re the others?” I asked from the blond after I had watch a while his eating.


”Yeah, we are, we usually stay in this one. And the others are still sleeping. Usually I would be too, but for some reason I’m already up. Think it as a miracle or something”, Niall joked. He started to eat bacon from his plate.

“Okay, I do that!” I laughed at him.


”So what’re you planning for today?” Niall asked when his mouth was empty of the bacon.

”Am not sure. Maybe just going out to enjoy this lovely weather. But on the other hand after all this is my last day in London, so I would like to make it somehow special”, I explained.

“Would it still be special, if I’d be joining you?” Niall asked with a funny face. I was wondering the face, but still answered: “Yeah, I think it would be more than the special I had on my mind.”


“Then I’m in! I just have to be back before 5 pm, coz I’ve gotta get ready for tonight’s gig” Young man’s face got brighter when he decided to spend the day with me. ”How long have you been in here?” Niall asked after a while.

”This is the fifth day. Leaving tomorrow at 2:15 pm.”


We talked a lot while we were eating, mainly about London though. When we were ready we walked to elevator together. In the elevator I pressed the button “12” and when Niall was about to press his floor’s button we realized we were staying in the same floor. We laughed for the coincidence till in the 12th floor we realized our rooms were next to each other. Or almost at least. Niall told me that next to my hotel room were staying Liam and Zayn. On the other side of the corridor was Niall’s and the tour manager’s room. Harry’s and Louis’ room was opposite of the Liam’s and Zayn’s room.


We went to our own rooms for a moment to get ready. Didn’t take too long till Niall was already knocking on my door.

”U ready?”

”Yeah, just give me a sec and I’ll brush my hair.” I walked fast through the room where I had left my hairbrush. I brushed my hair quickly and turned to Niall. He was looking me weirdly. Again.



”Your hair’s very beautiful”, Niall said a compliment. I blushed a little. I had never learned to take compliments so this time too I just nodded, smiled awkwardly and touched the head of my hair. My hair was wavy, long and copper brown so it was quite a loose. Niall might have seen my awkwardness since he told me to hurry up if we still wanted to get out at some point.


My day with Niall was the best of a kind! I didn’t remember the last time I had laughed so much during one day. When the afternoon came my cheek and stomach muscles were hurting from all the laughing. Our time together was coming to its end when we stopped for ice creams near our hotel. Niall was a gentleman and paid. Although he wasn’t English I still thought he was a perfect English gentleman. During the day I still hadn’t used to all of the compliments, him opening the doors for me, paying all the food and other cute gestures. Okay, I had used to it a bit. At least anymore we didn’t have to argue about who was paying food. When we were eating in a restaurant and Niall had been about to pay all the food I started a fight. Niall didn’t understand why I wanted to pay my own food and I didn’t understand why he wasted his money on me. In the end I gave up because all the other customers were getting nervous and everyone looked at us.


”Thank you, Niall!” I said nicely when we sat on the edge of a fountain with our ice creams. I licked fast my vanilla ice cream when a white trickle started to run down the waffle.

”Haha, finally!” Niall laughed. I liked Niall’s laugh and especially the part of it that I had been able to listen to it the whole day. There was something hypnotic and free on it when he laughed. You just had to join his laughing. This time too I automatically smiled back when I heard him laugh.


”Yeah, I’ve decided not to be so hard on you anymore. Just not used to it. But still don’t understand why just me”, I wondered out loud.

“Why just you what?” Niall asked, confused too.

”Why you’re wasting your money on me?”


“I’m not wasting my money. Think it as investing”, Niall told me to. Again he looked at me with the weird face. The face that made me nervous since I didn’t know what the face was supposed to mean.

”Investing? You’re investing on me? Sounds interesting!” I burst into laughter. Niall didn’t explain his investing-things any further so I let it be too. When we were eating our ice creams silent came to us. Around us London was full of noise, but we were in silence. I enjoyed it, closed my eyes and smiled.


”Niall…” I said after a while. I still kept my eyes closed.

”Neela…” Niall answered. I liked the way the young Irish man said it. It was something very beautiful.

”I like the way you say my name!” I giggled to him.

“And I like the way you giggle and I also like to listen to it”, Niall said calmly. I didn’t see him since I still kept my eyes closed. I wanted to remember this moment forever. I heard Niall moving next to me.


“I wasn’t going to say that. I was meant to say, that I don’t wanna leave. I don’t want to go home. At least not just yet. This day has been one of the best ones of my life by far!” I finally opened my eyes and noticed Niall who was looking at me. Niall didn’t answer anything, so we were in silence. The silence took long, just us looking at each other’s eyes. Grey against blue.


”Then don’t”, Niall whispered when he finally answered. Niall’s words made me goose bumps. Three words but this boy made them to sounds the most beautiful ever said. Probably no-one had ever said anything that beautiful to me. Or at least hadn’t meant them as passionately as this boy in front of me. I tried to find some words to say. The fact that sucked was that like I had already noticed last night, this blond boy made me too confuse from time to time, I had nothing to say.


When Niall noticed my confusing he took everything out of it, came closer and touch my lips with his. It took me a while before I knew what to do. My brain was fighting against itself. Was I doing right? Was it right to have a crush on an idol of millions and billions of little girls knowing I would never have him? Was it right to fall in love in abroad and then go back Finland with an aching heart? Did I even have a crush on him or did I just imagine it?


Finally I came up with a closure. I was about to push him further from me, when he moved his head in a way that made me feel so good. I had no option than to kiss him back though my brain was shouting it was anything but a good idea.

When Niall finally tried to let me go, I twisted my arms around his neck and didn’t let him. I felt him smiling against my lips, but the kiss continued and I was happy with that. After a while we let go of each other and Niall pecked my lips one last time. I smiled. A lot. Actually I just couldn’t stop even though I knew I looked like an idiot.


”Wau. I mean…” Niall maundered. I burst into a laugh. Niall started to laugh with me and we laughed together a long time.

”Okay Cinderella, let’s go back to the hotel”, I said eventually, when the laugh ended. I got up from the edge of the fountain and passed my hand to Niall, who took it to his hand. We began to walk hand in hand towards our hotel.


”But why do I have to be Cinderella? I’m not a girl!” Niall pouted playfully.

“Yes you are, just a bit girlish, admit it”, I played with him. The blond one started to tickle my sides and I screamed and tried to ran away but Niall catch me into his arms and tickled a little more. Eventually I found myself just hugging him. I breathed his cologne before I patted his back gently and told him we really had to go. I started to walk forward until I noticed Niall wasn’t following me. He had stayed in the spot we were hugging and just looked at me.


”C’mon Cinderella, let’s go!” I told him with a laugh. He sprinted to me, kissed my cheek and whispered “You’re beutiful” into my ear. I felt a shiver running down my spine. My eyes got wet. I took his hand into mine and I squeezed it a bit. I couldn’t answer with words so I hoped it was enough for him.


”But why Cinderella?” Niall asked again when we had walked hand in hand for a while.

”Do I have to remind you, that you’re the one with a curfew?” I smiled at him.

“Oh, good point. Hope I’m not late. Don’t even know what the time is.”

“It’s quarter to five. We’ll be there on time!” I made a promise.


Somewhere far away the bells from a belfry banged when we finally reached glass doors of our hotel. We rushed into the elevator and in the 12th floor the first thing we saw was five worried faces. One Direction (still didn’t remember all of their names) and their tour manager Paul. Oops.


”Guys, I am so sorry!” Niall told the boys first when we got off the elevator. “But I’m here finally!” he tried to feast a little, but others weren’t in the mood of laughing. I noticed all five of them were looking at me. Some of them were curious and some, like Liam (the only one I remembered by name), were smiling. I saw Liam whispering something to the beautiful boy who had the hardest name to remember. Liam was smiling and the other boy looked a bit disappointed, mainly probably about what Liam had just whispered to him.


Niall saved me from the staring by telling the boys to go and get ready for a drive to Wembley in a minute. I got a fast peck on my forehead, goodbyes and then I saw just Niall’s back when he was rushing to his room. On the door he looked at me, smiled, and winked his eye then shut the door behind him. The door shut and I was left alone to a desert corridor I noticed I hadn’t moved an inch since I had come out of the elevator, hand in hand with Niall. I started to walk slowly to my own room and tried to understand the day. It was something too big for one person to understand. And not only the happenings of the day, but also the feelings of the day. I had fell in love with Niall and anymore I couldn’t deny that little fact. It hurt when I understood that just a moment ago when he had winked me at his door, had probably been the last time I’d see him. Ever.

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