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1. The youth of today.

Nowadays, all you hear about the younger generation, is how rude they are, aggressive, disruptive, and damn right obnoxious, as if the world owes them something. A story in which enlightens rather than undermines is near extinct when you talk of the young people of today. And do you know why that is? It's because everyone only remembers the bad in which we do, the bad in which the minority do. The drinking so much until we pass out, the drugs, and crazy nights of sex, which to be honest, I do not blame our elders for looking upon us with disgust. Until you hear the other side, the kids with hearts of gold, who are polite, well mannered, and make you feel hope for the generation, you will always be frightened of the 'thugs' who walk the streets.

But there is hope, just the simple acts, such as when you see an old lady struggling with her shopping, you go to help, and before you get the chance, two lil uns, thirteen, fourteen tops, are already there, pulling her trolley, and picking up the bags, ready to walk her back home.

Standard seeing litter on the floor, picking it up, and throwing it in the bin. Or glass is a big issue, making sure it disappears off the streets, as there are so many animals that could be injured.

You hear of kids picking fights, but What you don't know is they're sticking up for a friend who is bullied to hell. You never hear of the kids that stay up all night on the phone, to talk their friend out of cutting, or those who'll sneak out to stop someone from taking their life. You just see the grumpy teenagers, but you don't know how much they care about others, more so than theirselves. So next time you have a nice o'l' moan about the youth of today, just remember, our hearts are in the right place, it's just not always all that obvious.

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