Sharp Spell

Ashley and Jessica are best friend. But Ashley likes Jessica Big brother who 1 year older how will Jessica act when she finds out they are doing thing behind her back??


1. Yah Out of Hell!!!

Ashley Pov 

Pic of Ashley

I woke up and ran down stairs to get cereal i grabbed the froot loops my favourite  cereal

"Yummy" i said to myself i heard my brother come down hes 4 years older then me that make him 21 and me 17 yes i'm in 11 grade

I did my hair and makeup and i put this outfit on

it the last day of school why not get in trouble

it was 8:00 so i got in my car and drove to school

-------------------------------------------------At School----------------------------------------------------

I walk in the door to see Jesse 

"Heyyy Jesse"I said

"Heyyy Ash"she said with a smile

Ash is my nickname 

"So are you coming to my house tonight for the end of the year party??"

"No"i said 

"Whyyyyyyyy" She said almost screaming it 

"im kidding"i said laughing

"Ok see you later bye bbe" i laugh as she said that

"Ok Bbe"

A*N*(bbe mean Babe if you didnt know)

i walk into my first class and Seen Ethan there was only one seat next to him Ethan is Jesse brother gorgeous brother at that i sat down and i look at him and then class started

i was answering a question then my boob started shaking my phone i thought i cross my arms i answer the question i took it out of my shirt and look at the message it was from hottie A.K.K Ethan i read the text it said

Fr Hottie: you coming to the party to night

To Hottie: Yah Why 

Fr Hottie: Just wondering ;)

To Hottie: i sent him a photo of me bitting my lip 

I look over and he had a friend down low

To Hottie: Keep it in your pants 

He laugh really loud and every look at him he put his hand on his member 

"Are you ok Ethan??" Said Miss ladybuy (weird name lol) 

"Yes" He said clearing his throat 

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