Sharp Spell

Ashley and Jessica are best friend. But Ashley likes Jessica Big brother who 1 year older how will Jessica act when she finds out they are doing thing behind her back??


4. Im sorry!!


Ashley Pov: 


I message Jesse but she wont message me back its been 2 weeks and the only person messaging me is Ethan's but i don't reply it just i don't want to it just so weird 

it was 8:59 so i went to bed 

I woke up and did my daily routine and ate some fruit loops i heard a knock at my door it was Jesse 

"Jesse, im so sorry i really am- she cut me off 

"It's ok i trying to get a hold of you but you didn't pick up i was texting from Ethan's phone"

"Ohh i wasnt texting Ethan so i didnt get it... why didnt you just text me off your phone"

"Ohh yah i got a new phone and new number" She said  

"ohh after 'im sorry' and 'i so so so sorry' i stop reading them" i said thinking about how much i missed him i love him NO U DON'T

"I know u like him just date him and tell me if you are i dont wanna walk in on u two again YUCK!"

i laugh ok she grabbed my phone and put her number in it took her so long i grabbed my phone and got a message it said 'i love you <3' 

"OH MY GOD JESSE..... IM GOING TO KILL U" i look down and read all the long messages before i knew it i wrote 'i love you <3 <3'




i look over to her and she was crying "whats wrong jess did i do something-" she cut me off and said "Im fine i just never pictured u to together i just mean i want to call him and tell him to come over and talk so i could get to know that you two are dating and thing about thing like that im not going to lose my best friend-" " your never going to lose me i love you like i love pizza and you no how much i love pizza" we started to laugh i hug her and kisses her cheek 


"Well cya later"

"bye i will text you later"



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