Sharp Spell

Ashley and Jessica are best friend. But Ashley likes Jessica Big brother who 1 year older how will Jessica act when she finds out they are doing thing behind her back??


2. Dammmn Boy you got abs

Ethan Pov 

This is what i look like

after my little member in class i have been hanging out with Ashley alot today shes coming to the party tonight i cant wait

Ashley Pov 

i laugh at the joke Ethan told me i seen jesse 

"Hey Jesse" i said looking at her with a smile

"Hey what are you doing with my brother??" she said 

"im standing right her dummie" he said i laugh jesse look at me and laugh to 

"Bye Asshole" Jesse Said and started to walk away

"Bye...... Ethan cya tonight baby" then i bit my lip and he smile i walk up to Jesse

"YOU LIKE HIM" She said screaming i push her in the wash room i check all the stalls 

"No i dont hes your brother eww no" i said trying to lie

"you really do like him come on i know you do i wont be mad" she said smiling 

"ok yah i do" i said she laugh

"I gotta go the bus is waiting go get a drive with Ethan" she wink at me i call Ethan

"Hey Ethan Can you drive me home"


"im outside waiting" Ethan said

"kk be there in a min"

I check my makeup and ran outside i seen him i ran over and while i was running i was thinking of kissing him then before i new it he was kissing me i stood there kissing him his lips were soft i dropped my book bag and grabbed his face and he slip his tongue in he pulled away and i smile 

"What now"I said

"Wanna go out"

"does this answer your qustion" i sat on his car and pulled his face to mine and slip my tongue in i forgot the buses were still there and i pulled away to see all the bus kids looking at us i smiled an jumped in his car and he drove me to my house

i was about to get out to go in my house when he grabbed my arm and kissed me i shut the door and jumed in back i too off his shirt and smile at his abs i said

"umm.........Ethan im a.............." you cut me of and said 

"Virgin?" he look in my eyes and look really happy

"Yea" i look down at his abs then he put his finger on my chin 

"It ok i wanna wait for you and i know it going be the hardes thing in the worlds butt you worth it" i smile and kissed him and he pulled away

"What Wrong" i said looking at him and he look down and so did i and the was a member i laugh at that and i grabbed his neck and sat him down and sat on him and smile he look and said "Your no really help him" i got down on my knees and kiss up from his knees and and got to the member and kiss it his member got bigger i jumped on his lap 

"Dont do that" he said 

"whyy babe" i said with a smile

"it feels like you jumping on my dick" i laugh and kissed his cheek and then his nose 

"I gotta go see you tonight"

"Bye babe"he said 

"I love you.." he said trying to be quiet 

"I love you too Bye" i said being loud and he smile and put on his shirt

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