Who are you? -Cc

Every face wears a mask...
Hi my name is Alia, I'm 15 and live in Hunstanton, I'm in my last year of High School. I got ran over 5 years ago and lost most my childhood memories, I can't remember 95% of it, just who my parents are my name and all the basic things. Since then I've only really been close with two people in my hometown, My Best friends Amelia and Ariana. Now here is my story of a boy - Cc


7. The Party

 We arrived at the party and paid for the taxi. I couldn't believe my eyes, this place looked like a palace, ok it wasn't a palace it was like a mini version of a mansion but it still seemed huge to me.

"O.M.G" Ari gasped

"Are you sure this is the right address?" I asked

"Yeah pretty sure..." Am pointed to Ray who was standing by the entrance talking to the man who was the security guard and made sure you had your invitations. The entrance was a balloon arch.

Ray looked over, his face lit up when he saw us walking towards him. "Hey Mel... Girls" He offered his arm to Mel. Mel Hesitated then decided to take it. She handed the man her invitation.

"I'll meet you inside" she turned around and started walking down the long curvy path to the big house which burned brightly with party lights. You could hear the music slightly but it wasn't that loud. Me and Ari gave the man our invitations and began walking down the path too. We reached some steps up to the open door. I thought of Cinderella when she lost her glass slipper on the stairs. I turned to Ariana, she looked nervous but excited and so was i.

"Did i tell you that you look incredible tonight" She looked at me smiling "Thank you and you look magnificent" She added a wink. We took each others arms and climbed the stairs giving each other support.

We peered inside the door and it was an open empty corridor with decorations everywhere. It was glowing different colours from the main room. There was a set of wide stairways leading up to the second floor. The music gradually got louder the closer we got to the end of the corridor then we pushed the hanging beads out the way and got hit by a vibe of music and heat. This place is even bigger on the inside. People were dancing, laughing and chatting. Lights were flashing and the DJ was playing his jam.  Everyone was happy. Over the left there was a table with snacks and non-alcoholic punch. There was a table with presents on the right of us, it also had a birthday cake that said happy birthday Lily on it.

"We came to a birthday party but we don't even know whose?" Ari asked looking at the cake just like me. " Well her name is Lily does that help?" I replied

"Not really because i don't know anyone called Lily"

"Same here"

"Can you see Mel anywhere?" I started shouting over the music because it was hard to hear. She shuck her head no.

"I Love this song, do you want to go dance?" She gave me the puppy dog eyes. I nodded and smiled. "Sure, why not" We made our way to the dance floor and through the people.

*When i met you in the summer*

Me and Ari started dancing holding each other's hands and singing along. "We fell in love, as the leaves turned brown"

"Lets get this party jumping!" the Dj shouted as the main beat came on. We let go of each others hands and started jumping and pumping our hands in the air like everyone else. The song travelled onto another song in like a remix and we just carried on dancing. Someone started grinding on Ari so i thought id go on see if i could find Amelia but when i turned around I walked into someone who was standing behind me. They caught me so i didn't fall. I looked up and saw it was Tyler.

"Sorry" i fixed my hair.

 "Don't worry, it was my fault, but twice in one day huh" He smiled at me.

"Yeah, guess I'm lucky" I looked at the floor, i was getting shy.

"D..do you want to dance..?" He held his hand out. I nodded and took it. The song Faded by ZHU came on, i wrapped my arms around his neck resting my head on him. His hands wrapped around my back.

"My names Tyler by the way" he pulled his head away a little bit to look at me.

"I know you wrote it on the bottom of that drawing you gave me" i said glancing at him because it was a little intense being this close to someone and having a conversation.

"oh, right, right" he sounded like he felt stupid for forgetting.

"which by the way i never got to thank you for" He looked at me blankly. "Thank you" i said with a smile which made him smile at me. He licked his lips "Your Welcome" We carried on dancing until the song ended.

"Thanks for the dance" He said.

"Your Welcome" i replied.

"Although, i never got your name?"


"Alia" He sounded mesmerized by my name.

"Well i see you around Alia"

We waved goodbye and i went and found Ari again.

"Who was that hotty" Ari asks smiling.

"Just somebody from my art class" she looked at me knowing there was more. I groaned

"I'll tell you later" She nodded understandingly when someone shouted our names. We turned around and caught sight of Am waving us over to the snack table. Typical Am. We walked over to her, she was with Ray and his friends Sean and Lee who both had a girl under there arm. But the one that caught my eye was Luke Drays, he stood there awkwardly in a suit and tie all on his own. He looked F.I.T.

"Hey, we were looking for you" Ari said.

"Sorry i was out the back with Ray" Am apologized.

"Enjoying the party?" Ray asked. We nodded. I looked at Luke who was staring at me smiling. I smiled back.

"LILY, My little birthday girl" Ray shouted and put his arm around a girl in a light pink dress. "Ray, stop it your so embarrassing" She said back annoyed.

"Sorry little sis" He teased.

"Shut up, it's cake time now" she stormed of. Well i don't think she seems to pleased about this party, id be thrilled.

"Everybody gather round its time to sing Happy Birthday to Lily! yaaay!" the Dj said cutting the music of. The candles were being lit when i felt someone but there hands on my waist.

"Hi" His hot breath hit my neck as he whispered in my ear. I turned slightly and saw it was Luke.

"Hi" i replied and looked back at Lily and the cake.

"You look beautiful"

"Thanks" I smiled until i saw jealous looks coming from Lily, she was giving me the death glare. Luke moved his hands and stood by my side.

"Ignore her, she thinks i like her but i don't" I guess he saw she was looking at me.

"My little sis has had a crush on Luke for ages now" Ray joined in laughing and nudging Luke on the arm. The DJ counted down ready to sing when Luke held my hand, i smiled at him as everyone began to sing but Luke, Luke was just staring at me as i saw in the corner of my eye. We finshed with Lily blowing her candles out and the music coming back on. Ray made us all pile onto the dance floor. Crazy Stupid Love was playing by Cheryl Cole, then the DJ said it was time for a slow song so Am and Ray started dancing together and Ari was dancing with some random guy again. I saw Luke looking around like a loner and he was about to walk of the dance floor until i took hold of his arm.

"Hey wanna dance" he turned and smiled brightly biting his lip. His lip ring shone in the light. "Yea" he laughed a bit taking my hand. The song started playing, one of my favourites, Just a little bit of your heart sung by Ariana Grande but it was written by Harry Styles. I slung my arms around Luke's neck as his hands found his way to my waist. We swayed to the song gradually turning.
When the song was over it was time to go, everyone was clearing out and saying there goodbyes. Ray dropped us all of at our homes. When i got in it was midnight. I tiptoed up the stairs with Kurt following me again. It was pitch black and i couldn't see where i was going. i just reached my bedroom door when light blinded me, i screamed and realised it was my stupid brother when he moved the torch up to his face. He started laughing at me and whispered.

"I got you"

"you idiot, what are you still doing up" i asked annoyed.

"I needed the toilet" he simply said still waving the torch around.

"ok well I'm going to bed now" the main light flickered on and my parents were standing outside there bedroom.

"What's going on, are you alright?" my mom asked worried.

"Yeah I'm fine Jake scared me"

"Jake! you need to stop doing that"

"sorry mom, dad, sorry sis"

"its ok" I embraced him in a hug and he kissed my forehead.

"I'm ok Mom, Dad, you can go back to sleep" i assured them.

"Alright but behave both of you, Night" I watched them go back into there room.

"Night Jay" I smiled "Night Ar" He replied. i turned the main light of and went into my bedroom closing the door and switching my light on. I heard a light knock at my door. Jake popped his head round the door.


"Yeah?" i asked softly, he came in and sat by me on the bed as i took my shoes of.

"Do you still have those dreams, yanno of the past, the bad ones you get" he looked at me sadly. i wanted to say no because i didn't want him to worry about me but i didn't want to lie.

"Yeah sometimes they just pop up, i didn't have one last night though" I reassured him. "ok, just if your ever scared or have another one just come and wake me up and tell me, ill keep you company" Jake placed his hand on top of mine.

"Jake you don't have to do that, I've been having them for ages."

"But you still haven't gotten used to them have you" I looked down and shook my head lightly. He rubbed my back half hugging me.

"I'm going to get dressed" I grabbed my pyjamas and went into the bathroom. I did my nightly routine and came back out to Jake sleeping on my bed.

"Jake, Jake" i whispered softly. He was deep in sleep. I put my blanket over him and noticed Kurt was on the bottom of my bed. "You too" i said stroking him. I turned of my light and climbed in bed to, it was a bit tight but very cosy. Within minutes i was fast asleep with Jake's light snores in my ears.

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