Who are you? -Cc

Every face wears a mask...
Hi my name is Alia, I'm 15 and live in Hunstanton, I'm in my last year of High School. I got ran over 5 years ago and lost most my childhood memories, I can't remember 95% of it, just who my parents are my name and all the basic things. Since then I've only really been close with two people in my hometown, My Best friends Amelia and Ariana. Now here is my story of a boy - Cc


8. Next Day-Saturday

I woke up feeling very peaceful, i looked over to see if Jake was still here and he was starring down at me. "Morning Beautiful" He smiled cheekily. "Oh Please" I sat up while he laughed at me.

"Why did you stay here if you were already awake" I raised my eyebrow.

"I didn't want you to wake up alone and i wanted to make sure you woke up fine" He had a serious face on this time. I smiled at him and got up from the bed.

"I'm going to take a shower then if your not busy today we can go watch a movie or something" i asked hopefully. I haven't spent time with Jake for ages and i miss it.

"I'm never busy for my little princess" He winked at me. This is why i love my brother, we have a close relationship which is kind of rare compared to other families.

"Go take a shower then, you stink" i laugh loudly as he tries to throw a pillow at me. "Oi"

"Oh so your throwing pillows at me now" i laugh again.


*2 hours later* 12:00pm


I took one last look in the mirror, I was wearing a floral headband with my hair wavy. I had my black skinnies and converse on and my London racer back top. I put a little mascara and lip gloss on and checked my phone which i hadn't done since the start of the party. I Had 2 messages.


I Love you xx <3 Love Jake

Aww how cute is he. I replied

Love you More Jakey <3 Love Aria xx

I opened the last message.


Blocked ID:

Nice Dancing :P -Cc


Oh just perfect, another message of cc way to ruin my day. I checked the time it was sent and it worked out i was at the party when they sent it. I just ignored it because i wanted to have a good day today, i deserve at least that don't i.


I made way down stairs to my brother who was currently blasting music from the T.v. I stood on the bottom step watching him dance around the room to Shake it off by Taylor Swift. I held my laugh until he noticed me.

"oh hey, you ready to go?" he stopped and stood there casually. "Yep" i replied jumping of the step. "I told mom and dad we are going out so they know where we are" He said as he put his converse on too. he was wearing clothes similar to me actually he had black skinnies on, a plain white t shirt and leather jacket. He is normally wearing his football kit or just spends the day in his pyjamas but he has made some effort since he never really goes out unless its with Tom, Ariana's brother and like i said dirty football kit and trainers go on, converse go out the window.

We walked out to the car and started fighting over the radio.

"Ok! It's your car, you choose the music!" I half shouted annoyed.

"Good Girl" He patted me head. I batted his hand away as he started to drive. He put pop music on the radio which is what i was going to choose anyway. Another Taylor Swift song came on *This ones an old one but we all love it, its Love Story by Taylor Swift* I smiled listening to the man on the radio and turning to look at Jake who immediately began mouthing the song. "I Didn't know you were a swiftie" He rolled his eyes knowing that i was going to make fun of him.  "I'm not going to make fun i was just asking" I nudged him with my arm. "Yeah i like her" he said proudly. "Okay" i smiled at him "ROMEO TAKE ME SOMEWHERE WE CAN BE ALONE!" He sang at the top of his voice. We both burst out laughing and just sang whatever song came on.


When we arrived at the cinema we decided to watch Marley and Me after arguing over who pays for the tickets. We came to an agreement that Jake buys the tickets and ill buy the popcorn and drinks.

"Ok, we are on screen 9" Jake stated

"what time does it start?" i asked

"15 minutes, do you want to go in or...?"

"yeah" I said shoving some popcorn in my mouth.

He shook his head at me grinning.


"Nothing, just save some for me" He tried to put on a straight face again.

I just threw some popcorn at him as we walked to the lady who ripped our tickets and told us what screen even though we already knew. She flashed us a smile and then went back to being grumpy. After we found our seats and the movie was about to come on after about a million advertisements, I looked around and found that we were the only two people in the room. 

"Jake, we are the only ones watching this film" i whispered realising my stupidity of whispering when no one is in here.

"Well your the one that wanted to watch this film, i told you its been out for ages but you just ignored me" Jake scoffed

"Shut up, you so wanted to watch this film to" I hit him on the arm.

"Ok, shut up its starting now" He was about to grab some popcorn when he looked at me with a weird face.


"over half the popcorn is gone!"

"don't blame me, it took to long to come on ok"

"whatever" he leaned back in his chair and ate some of the popcorn that was left.

"good job i brought two, you should use your eyes Jake" i grabbed the second box of popcorn from under my seat and rested it inbetween us. He smiled at me and then we just watched the movie laughing every now and then.

It was near the end of the movie when Jake decided he needed the toilet and left me in here on my own. The film was at the part when Marley was at the vet and John was saying goodbye to him. The dog's eyes were closing on the screen and i had tears streaming down my eyes when something got wrapped around my face, i couldn't see nothing, and i felt like i was suffocating. I thought it was Jake but it was going on for too long, i managed to breath, there was a horrible smell on the scarf thing that made me choke, i was screaming and scared. I managed to escape and just legged it for the door without bothering to look at who it was. i opened the door and the light blurred my vision as i ran into jake.

"Alia, what's wrong, are you ok, why are you crying"He grabbed onto my shoulders and then held me in a tight hug while i sobbed when i calmed down i told him what was wrong.

"Marley the dog died" I wiped my tears away and looked at the floor.

"That's all you were crying about, you care so much" He laughed and rubbed my back a bit. I know what your thinking, why didn't you tell him what happened, someone just tried to kill you. Like i said before i don't like him or anyone worrying about me so i just let it slip. I liked seeing Jake smile and laugh like now. We went back to the car as the movie had finshed anyway so i didn't have to go back in the room gladly and we went to KFC for our dinner. After that we went bowling and did mini golf, we got an ice cream and played a few arcade games. It was getting really late so we headed home after our really fun day.

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