Who are you? -Cc

Every face wears a mask...
Hi my name is Alia, I'm 15 and live in Hunstanton, I'm in my last year of High School. I got ran over 5 years ago and lost most my childhood memories, I can't remember 95% of it, just who my parents are my name and all the basic things. Since then I've only really been close with two people in my hometown, My Best friends Amelia and Ariana. Now here is my story of a boy - Cc


2. High School

  I shot up in bed, my heart beating fast; I have goose bumps all over me. I see the sunlight sneaking through the curtains and my blanket on the floor. I must have kicked it of in my wrestles night. The dream again, the only thing I remember from my childhood apart from my name, my parents, my dog and the basic stuff. None of the fun things I did with my friends, if I even had any that is, nothing triggers a memory. I've tried more than hundred times so I've given up. I can't remember 95% as the doctor say's 'it will come back eventually just concentrate on the 5%, it might help, or maybe it will just come out of the blue one day' yeah right whatever you say. It's been five god damn years for goodness sake, I remember nothing but the memories I've made, so i just wish people would stop treating my like a child and let me face up to what's real. Great. Now I'm talking to myself and I'm paranoid. I should be used to this by now!

  I'm Alia Hunter and I am now 15 years old, I live in Hunstanton and I can remember everything after the accident. I have brown straight hair that is just below my shoulders, my eyes are light brown with a darker brown circle on the outside. My skin is kind of pale. I live with my mom and dad and my 18 year old brother Jake Hunter. Jake and me are really close, he has brown hair and brown eyes just like me, I always say he looks like Steven R. McQueen (Jeremy from vampire diaries) that’s a TV show me and my brother watch, he says as I’m his sister I must be Nina Dobrev (Elena). My Best friends since the accident are Amelia Timmins and Ariana Snowhill they have really helped me get over it, We all met in a coffee shop, Ariana was working there and I went in to get a coffee and she was waiting Amelia's table when she dropped the coffee pot on the floor and it went over her, Amelia and managed to splash up me. We all helped clean it up and just started laughing about it and then we got to know each other from then. Ariana is really funny and sweet, she reminds me a lot of Ariana Grande because of her red hair and she has the same laugh that she does in victorious when she plays cat, it’s really adorable. As for Amelia she has straight bright blonde hair with a tint of pink and sky blue eyes. Her celebrity look alike would be Amelia Lily. It’s weird how their first names are the same.

  I got up and went into the bathroom. I stare at my reflection in the full length mirror. I have bed hair. It’s sticking up in every direction. I take a warm shower and get dressed into my black leggings, red shorts and my black and red checked blouse; I brushed my hair and tied it up. I put on some mascara, little bit of white glitter eye shadow and lip-gloss then grabbed my bag and my phone and ran downstairs.
"Morning Mom, Morning Dad" I said as I smiled at each of them.
"Morning sweetie" My mom said as she made some more toast.
"Morning, Is Jake awake?" My dad said while glancing up from reading the newspaper.
I was about to answer when someone grabbed me from behind slammed me down on the couch and jumped on me and started tiggling me
"Do you surrender?"
"I surrender, please stop Jake please it tiggles" I said laughing and trying to kick him of. He got up and straightened himself out and stared at me with a smirk.
"Morning to you to Jake" I said sarcastically as I walked past him.
"You love it really sis" he said following me.
"Believe what you want but I have something to tell you...” I smiled wiggling my eyebrows.
What?” he asked brushing his hand through his hair.
I love you more bro" I gave him a big hug and he hugged me back smiling in my hair.
"Yeah ok you’re going to kill me" he said laughing and choking for air.
I pulled away and sat at the table and checked my phone.

Hi Ali, We are waiting outside for you!! x - Amelia

Hi Am, I'm coming now! X - Alia

Okie Doke Trouble; D x - Amelia

I got up and grabbed a piece of toast "Bye Everyone" I shouted then shut the door behind me. I heard the echoes of byes behind the door as I ran down the path to my friends.
"Hey, how's my girlies?" I said happily with a mouthful of toast.
"Aliaaa, I missed you!" Ariana said giving me a tight hug. I check my watch.
"Ari, you missed me for 14 hours?"

"Yes, is that a crime" We all laughed and started walking to our new school.

                                                     *   *   *

    She looks so perfect standing there, just look at her laugh. That smile is to die for. I love the way she squints in the sun, I love the way she walks, I love the way she talks, I love her eyes, and those plumb pink lips...I love everything about her. She's an amazing girl and she didn't deserve to be in that accident. I just want to run up to her right now and kiss her, but I can't. All I want is her to be mine, I want to protect her, keep her safe.  I want to make her remember.
                                                    *   *   *

 Alia's POV:
We arrive at school and stand in front of the building.
"Well girl's this is our last year at this school." Am stated
"Lets cherish it and have as much fun as possible" I say

"It's gone so fast, this year will be over before we even know it. We are still going to be friends right?" Ari asks.

"Yes, don't get ahead of your self Ari, were best friends for ever" I smile.

"Come on lets go" Am says dragging us along.
We walk through the gates and into the building. There's a very long corridor which goes into different rooms and an entrance to another long corridor. We all hold onto each other with people crowding round a board to find out what clubs are on this year. We manage to fight our way past them and catch our breath.

"Now..." I say and we start walking again to find our new assigned lockers.

"Here's my locker number 22" Ariana says

"Mine's number 23 so I'm right next to you Yay" I say

"Am what number is yours?"

"Number 56" she says sadly. I notice the number 56 from behind her head on the locker she is leaning on.

"Your opposite us" I say pointing behind her.

"Oh I guess it’s not that bad then" she says, I give her a reassuring smile and she returns one. I put in my locker combination from of the piece of paper and but my books in there and stick a picture of me, Ari and Am in the coffee shop. We are holding a banner saying ‘The *A* Friend's' because all our name's begin with 'A', so that's what we call ourselves. I close my locker and check my timetable.

"I have English first, what have you girls got" I ask as they both shut their lockers.

"I have that to with Mr Hika; yes we are in the same one." Ari says cheerily. 

"What about you Am." I ask looking at her to get her attention.

"Huh, sorry what did you say?"

"What have you got first period?" I ask again staring fully at her because she seems to be being nosey looking at something else.

"Erm I... erm I think I have English too. I need to go to the bathroom I'll meet you guys after ok." she walks away without waiting for an answer.

"Well that was weird." Ari says interrupting my trance

"I know right I wonder what's up" I say

"Ali, don't worry about it, she will tell us if there’s something up, like the sky for instants" I nod my head smiling at her. Sometimes Ari is peculiar but I love her anyway. The bell goes. We start walking but I forgot to get my English book out my locker.

"Ari I'll meet you in English I've just got to get my book." I say walking backwards.
"Ok" she says smiling and walks into the classroom. I run back to my locker and open it when I feel my phone buzz in my pocket; I get it out and see 1 new message. I open the message.

Blocked ID:
Hey cutie, you’re looking beautiful as ever today ;) x <3

 I feel my cheeks warming, and notice it’s a blocked ID, I wonder who it is but for now I ignore it. I close my locker and walk again. There's another buzz so I stop and open the message.

 Blocked ID:
Those Red shorts show your shape really well Alia :) x <3

 I turn around and skim the hallways it’s empty and silent. I begin to worry, how does this person know my name, whoever they are they are known by Cc, what does that stand for I wonder, hmm maybe 'Contagious Crap' for the stuff they make up. I'm not beautiful. I turn my phone of and put it back in my pocket and walk to lesson. But the only question that is rattling through my head is,

Who are you? –Cc

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