Who are you? -Cc

Every face wears a mask...
Hi my name is Alia, I'm 15 and live in Hunstanton, I'm in my last year of High School. I got ran over 5 years ago and lost most my childhood memories, I can't remember 95% of it, just who my parents are my name and all the basic things. Since then I've only really been close with two people in my hometown, My Best friends Amelia and Ariana. Now here is my story of a boy - Cc


6. Getting Ready

  Me and Mel reached my house, we decided to help each other out with what to wear tonight and plus we would have the house to ourselves because my mom and dad are at work later on Fridays. I unlocked the door and Mel closed it.

Mel stopped me and mimed "Are we here alone?" I listened and heard something coming from upstairs. I glanced over at Kurt's basket he was fast asleep. I stared at Amelia with a confused face.

"Come on" I whispered and held her hand.

We climbed the stairs like ninjas and when we reached the top we heard creepy music and it was coming from my brothers room. The door was slightly open so i held my breath and peeped inside. The sight i saw made me sigh in relief but kind of angry which is why i pushed the door open. Ariana was sitting on my brothers lap about to kiss him.

"Ahem" They both jumped and stood up brushing them selves of. They obviously hadn't heard or seen us.

"Well... Explain" i said looking at both of them.

"Well i.i. Err" Jake started

"Stop your stuttering and i thought you were ill Ariana" Mel chimed in and pointed her finger at them.

"I'm sorry, its my fault, i felt ill at school so i signed out and started walking home and Jake pulled up and asked if i was ok and offered me a lift so i said yes and i forgot my key so i was locked out of my house so we came here and we were playing on video games and then we were about to... erm..." Ariana stopped and stared at the floor.

"We were about to kiss but then you scared the shit out of us by barging in here, which by the way is my personal space so out, too many girls in my room" Jake waved his hands and ushered us all out. We all laughed and went to my room.

"So Ariana i don't mind you dating my brother just to put that straight but can you try and do it so you don't scare me next time with the creepy video game music and do it on a date or out in the open because i don't fancy having any funny business going on Please" I totally just spoke to her like i was her mom but she didn't mind, she just nodded smiling at me. Ari and Mel sat on my couch by the window while Mel filled Ari in on the details and told her about the party.

"So do you want to come or do you still feel ill?" Mel asked

"Are you kidding, its a party and i don't say no to parties besides i don't feel ill anymore" Ari giggled.

I started getting dresses out the wardrobe and lying them on the bed, some of them i haven't worn i just buy them when i go out shopping with Mel and Ari because i have 100 pound pocket money every month now. Lucky girl i know. There was a knock at my door "Ri you left your school bag in my room" "Come in Jake" i shouted annoyed. He opened the door and placed the bag on the floor just inside, he winked at Ari Which pissed me off a bit so i grabbed a pillow and threw it at him 'again' but he shut the door just on time "You just lovvvee attacking me with pillows don't you" he laughed through the door. "Go away Jake" I heard him stifle a laugh and walk off to his room.

 "So" i said facing my girls "what shall we wear at this party?"




 I just finshed my curry and ran upstairs to get ready "Jake your turn to do dishes" I heard him curse in the kitchen.

"Oi Language" my mom shouted from the living room.

I asked my mom and dad if i could go and i knew they would say yes anyway because im very responsible and won't do anything stupid but i always get permission first. I took a shower and washed my hair. Mel and Ari left after about 2 hours of trying on dresses and coordinating everything. I let them both borrow my dresses and accessories that's how kind i am. I put my dress on. It was a dark blue and black high and low strapless one. It was a tight sparkle under fit that stopped mid thigh and then i had a blue and black ombre tulle netting that started at the waist as a belt then fell perfectly down my body. It was short at the front but long at the back. It went all the way to the floor. I added my silver heels, bracelets and glass heart necklace. I put pale pink lipstick and mascara on with a bit of light blue eye shadow. I brushed my hair and straightened it. I sprayed some perfume and grabbed my silver glitter clutch. One last look in the mirror...

  I heard the door knock and my mom opening it. "Sweetie, your friends are here"

"Coming mom" I walked down stairs careful not to trip because as you know i was very clumsy today.

My mom had the camera out taking pictures in the living room. "mom, seriously" i moaned.

"What, come on, get in with your beautiful friends and take a picture" she smiled. I love my mom she always gets me to do things even if i don't want to, id definitely miss that smile if she ever left.

"Ok" i said as Ari pulled me in the middle of her and Mel. They both looked absolutely gorgeous. Ari is wearing a tight fitted red and black dress with long lace sleeves. She has Leopard print heels on and bright red lipstick with eyeliner and mascara. She has a ring on and earrings. Her red hair is slightly curled. I can see my brother eyeing her up and down from the door way so i roll my eyes.


 Mel Is dressed in a ruffled pink and black dress. She has pink ankle boots,  a black bracelet and a ring on. She has curled her blonde hair and the pink highlight really stands out. She has glitter lip-gloss and mascara on with a bit of blusher.


 "Smile for the camera" My mom smiled like she was the one getting her photo taken. We all wrapped our arms round each other and smiled changing poses and places every now and then. My mom took about 50 photos of me with friends my dad and my brother, she even took one of Ari and Jake.

"You look beautiful" My dad whispered in my ear as he hugged me I waved goodbye to my mom and dad and my brother Jake who was holding the dogs collar Kurt from running of.

"Bye guys" I waved "We love you Hunny" My mom said almost in tears.

 "Bye Mr and Mrs Hunter" Mel waved "Bye Meli, Be careful" Dad waved back.

 "Bye Jake he he" Ari shouted shyly "Bye se.. i mean beautiful" Jake laughed and blushed as my mom gave him the look. Kurt was barking as we got in the taxi. Then we made our way to Ray's party, I was nervous, it was my first party from school as in an actual teenage party, but then again i don't know what to expect. Ray did say dress nice so it might be like prom or a ball not one of those parties where you just get drunk.

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