Who are you? -Cc

Every face wears a mask...
Hi my name is Alia, I'm 15 and live in Hunstanton, I'm in my last year of High School. I got ran over 5 years ago and lost most my childhood memories, I can't remember 95% of it, just who my parents are my name and all the basic things. Since then I've only really been close with two people in my hometown, My Best friends Amelia and Ariana. Now here is my story of a boy - Cc


1. Dream

   I'm walking down the quiet street as the sun burns in my face, with my dog Kurt. He is a husky not very old, just got to the age where he can go out for walks. I get to the corner shop and tie Kurt's lead to the lamppost. I buy an ice cream to cool me down and just step out the shop when I bump into someone and the ice cream goes all over them and me.

 "Oh My God  ... I'm so s-sorry."

I pull out a tissue and start cleaning his shirt without looking up at him.

"It's fine, it was my fault I should of been watching where I was going" he says and moves my hand away.

His touch was so gentle and warm. I get the courage to look up at him. He has short dirty blonde hair that's ruffled to the side and brown eyes which seem to shine when the light hits them. A smile creeps up on my face and my cheeks start to warm as I realize I was staring to long. His eyes look down at my clothes as worry fills his face and then he quickly grabs the tissue and starts wiping the ice cream from my black vest top. I start giggling.

"Stop its fine and your tiggling me" I say hitting his hands away and covering it up.

The worry disappears of his face as he smirks at me.

"Sorry, didn't know you were ticklish" He says laughing.

I cover my face smiling "Well I best be going and sorry about that shirt" I say smiling and walking back over to my dog.

"No worries, I'll see you around Alia" and with that he was gone.

How did he know my name I don't remember mentioning it. I actually hope to see him around. I hear someone from across the road shouting my name, I look up and see Chloe waving her hand for me to follow her and she runs of towards a group of people that seem to be circling something. I keep my eyes on them as I walk straight towards it. Then a loud beep comes to the right of me and sends me flying, the last thing I see is the ice-cream boy running towards me and lifting me up into his arms, then its black....all black.

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