Who are you? -Cc

Every face wears a mask...
Hi my name is Alia, I'm 15 and live in Hunstanton, I'm in my last year of High School. I got ran over 5 years ago and lost most my childhood memories, I can't remember 95% of it, just who my parents are my name and all the basic things. Since then I've only really been close with two people in my hometown, My Best friends Amelia and Ariana. Now here is my story of a boy - Cc


3. Be Aware

  I get home after a long day of school; we didn't see Amelia for the rest of the day so it was just me and Ariana walking back to her house. I promised I’d go over after school because otherwise she'd be alone. I haven't gotten another text from that Cc person. I stayed at Ariana's until about half 8 we watched a movie and ate popcorn and we ordered a pizza. Then we danced around the house listening to music really loud.

 I unlocked the door and got attacked by my dog Kurt "Hello gorgeous" i dropped my keys on the table, bent down and stroked and kissed his head. "Woof" he started barking and licking my face. I got up and went to the living room, Kurt followed me. I glanced inside because it was dark and the only the TV light was on i had no idea what they were watching. Only my mom and dad were in there. I turned around almost tripping over Kurt and went up to my room. Again Kurt followed me and climbed up on the end of my bed. I started getting dressed into my pyjamas then fell back on my bed. Buzz. It was my phone it was on the other side of the room and I was too tired to get up. Buzz. I propped myself up on my elbows and decided to get up after the third buzz. 3 new messages.


Hey I had fun today :) x Ari

I wish Amelia could of come :( x Ari

I smiled and replied to her.

I had fun to, maybe next time she can if we see her :) x Ali

I pressed send then opened the last message.

Blocked ID:
Maybe next time you should close your curtains, but i'll enjoy the view either way ;) x

I gasped and threw my phone on the bed and looked out the window. The street was empty, quiet and no one there. I think i startled Kurt because he jumped "Sorry, its ok, I'm ok, shh" I hugged him. I shut the curtain and decided to try and forget about it. I just did my homework and had an early night. Kurt kept me company. I just hope tomorrow that whatever this little joke is, it would be gone.

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