Distance Between Us

This is about a boy and a girl that was once before,childhood friends and best friends.But now they are distant from each other and they might never be with each other...ever.


1. We Met

  My name is Kira Mino and i'm a little girl.I am 4 years old and I am kind of a tomboy.It was a rainy day and  I ran up to the window and looked out.There,In the park a little boy-the same age as me but probably a couple of months older-was sitting on the swing all by himself.I turned to my dad and he fell asleep on the couch while watching the news.I grabbed my raincoat and ran out."Hey,why're you out here all alone in the rain?"I called out to him.I came closer "My daddy said that you'll get sick if you stay out in the rain with no protection.." No response.I came so close if I reached my hand out I could have hit his head. I leaned in "My daddy also said-" "SHUT UP!!"The boy yelled.Huh? "Are y-you okay?"I said shaking. "DO I LOOK LIKE I'M OKAY?" The boy screamed. "What happened?" I kneeled down to see his face full of tears. "LEAVE ME ALONE....*sob*"The boy said. "M-my parents j-just threw me away.They abandoned me...they left the house...everything..and they left ME behind...you don't know how it feels...*cries*" I held his hand. "It's alright.I promise it's going to be okay." "H-how?"He held my hand tighter. "If you put me up for adoption,I would just create chaos.How...." He cried harder. "Come live with me and my family.My dad would accept you." "Wait,your dad?What about your mom?" Tears started leaking out. "M-m-my mom..she died in a car crash...and I didnt even get to say goodbye.." The boy hugged me. "I'm sorry for asking.Which way's your house?" We were walking to my home and we were holding hands.Knock knock.My father opened the door and was surprised to see me outside with a boy.The boy was sitting on the couch and drinking hot chocolate while I was being yelled at by my dad in the kitchen. "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?YOU COULD HAVE BEEN KIDNAPPED OR KILLED!I CAN'T LOSE SOMEONE WHO IS PRECIOUS TO ME!Not again....."My dad sat on a chair.I climbed onto his lap. "I'm sorry daddy..I just wanted to help that boy.He looked so sad and so alone.I couldn't just pretend to see nothing when i'm actually seeing something.I'm so sorry.....Are you mad at me?*Tear fall*" "Kira...I'm not mad at you..I'm just scared that you'll be taken away...like your mother..." My father looked sad.Later on,I went to the boy and I asked him "Hey,what's your name?" "My name?My name's X-O critp" "X-O....THAT'S A WONDERFUL NAME!!!!" I smiled. He blushed and looked away. "D-DON'T DO THAT!!"


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