Distance Between Us

This is about a boy and a girl that was once before,childhood friends and best friends.But now they are distant from each other and they might never be with each other...ever.


3. The Transfer

X-O didn't come at home at all yesterday.Who were those people?I played around with my pencil until I heard that anouncement "X-O Cript will be transferred to another school and will be leaving on April 24th.I repeat,X-O Cript will be transferred to another school and will be leaving on April 24th.That is all.Have a good day." W-What was that just now?X-O transferring schools?April 24th?Tomorrow?Why?Why?WHY?I need to find out why!I need to find X-O.I NEED TO KNOW WHY!! I ran around scool.X-O wasn't anywhere.After school,I checked home.There he was,standing in front of the doorway with 2 adults - a girl and a boy.My dad bowed and went inside the house.Then X-O went with the adults and entered the black car.They started to ride off.With X-O.I quickly ran after the car and banged on X-Os window. "Kira?What are you doing?You're going to get hurt." X-O said. I ran as fast as I could,trying to keep up with the cars speed. "X-O!WHER'RE YOU GOING?WHY'RE YOU TRANSFERRING SCHOOLS?WHY'RE YOU LEAVING YOUR FRIENDS?WHY'RE YOU LEAVING MY DAD?WHY'RE YOU LEAVING ME?"I screamed! "I'm sorry Kira.I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier,but I got adopted.I don't know how but I just did.They live very far away and they want me to live with them.So i'm going to live in their home and attend a school near there.I'm sorry Kira.I do love you.I wasn't lying up on the roof.." X-O smiled. "WAIT!YOU WERE SMILING THE WHOLE DAY YESTERDAY TO COVER THIS UP?"I breathed heavily.My legs couldn't take it anymore.I had to give up but I didn't want to let X-O go.But my legs were hurting so much and they just - dropped.Then tears started to burst out from my eyes.It started to rain and I was all alone...


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