Distance Between Us

This is about a boy and a girl that was once before,childhood friends and best friends.But now they are distant from each other and they might never be with each other...ever.


2. The roof

    "You're coming to my birthday party,right X-O?I'M TURING 16!!It sucks that you're 16 already!!I wanted to be older than you!"I tackled him to the ground "Ya,now get off.People are staring" I looked around.Mostly girls. "OOOOH!You're embarassed in front of girls huh?C-U-T-E!"I whispered in his ear. "No,I just don't like people." Hmph.How cold. RING . "Time to go to class!!Let's go X-O!" He grabbed my hand. "Why don't we go to a better place?" He was so close. "W-Wha?"

     "WHERE"RE WE GOING?"I yelled to X-O. "SHUT UP!DON'T BE SO LOUD OR WE'LL GET CAUGHT!!" X-O screamed angrily.Don't be so loud huh?We went up 3 pairs of stairs,running and holding hands like a runaway couple. "We're here." X-O let go."UGH!FINALLY!!!THAT WAS SO TIRING!*Huff huff*" I layed down on the floor.I looked around.I stood up and the view was so beautiful. "W-wow...It's so,so beautiful! :D" I turned around. "Hey X-O!Look at this view!!!Huh?" X-O wrapped his hands around me and leaned near my ear. "I love you Kira" Huh?What's happening? "X-O...?W-What're you doing?X-O...?" 

X-O put his mouth closer to my ear "Just kidding.You're so gullible.Happy birthday.*Wink*" He unwrapped his arms and smiled.I blushed.I was so embarassed,but he hasn't smiled for quite a while so I was also happy.I laughed and started to chase him around.He laughed along and he started to run.We were so tired from running we fell asleep on the floor.A few hours passed. RING . "Hm?Oh..X-O school is done....time to go ho-" X-O was gone.He had disappeared.I looked down and I saw him walking to a black car.Me and X-O had been best friends for forever and I never seen him with those people,EVER! "X-O!!!X-O!!WHER'RE YOU GOING??X-O!!WHY'RE YOU GOING WITH THOSE PEOPLE?X-O ANSWER ME!" He turned around and he waved.Then,he smiled.X-O?

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