Distance Between Us

This is about a boy and a girl that was once before,childhood friends and best friends.But now they are distant from each other and they might never be with each other...ever.


4. The Day After Yesterday

I grabbed my bag and I I hurried to school.I plopped down on my desk and looked out the window(Since I sit in a window seat).I turned and looked around.I turned to the doorway and I saw X-O coming in.He must be here to clean out his desk.X-O faced me and I was just to upset to look him in the eye.A tear ran down my cheek and I felt someone pat me on the shoulder.I covered up my face. "Miss,may me and Kira talk alone outside for a few minutes?" X-O asked the teacher. "Since it is your last day here,I will allow you" the teacher said smiling.X-O grabbed me by the waist and carried me out of the classroom.HUH?? "X-O!LET ME GO!"I screamed inside his ear. He yelled back "AGH!YOU KNOW YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE SUCH A BRAT!MY EARS MAY BE BROKEN BECAUSE OF YOU NOW!I JUST WANTED TO TALK TO YOU!YOU KNOW WHAT?SCREW YOU!YOUR A REAL BI-" I hugged him and cried into his hoodie. "I'm sorry.I'm just upset that you're leaving...You know,since we met,you've always been mad..*laughs*I always wonder why.Is he sad?Is he upset?Would he be happier if I left him alone?All those questions..." I looked up to him and smiled.He dried my tears and covered up my face. "You know,ever since I saw that smiling face of yours,i've decided that i'll never give up.I've decided that,if you keep smiling,i'll never give in to anything.But if /i see that face now,i'll never be able to leave..." He started to tear up too. "HEY!Don't cry.Here,look at me." I grabbed his chin and I made him face me.I leaned in and kissed him on the cheek.I grabbed his hand and said "Let's go back to class!Let's go!Together!" I walked toward the classroom,but X-O hugged me. "Hmm?X-O?" He hugged me tighter and kissed me on the neck and said "You know,up on the rooftop,I meant it.I do love you." It was after school and I saw X-O riding away in the black car once again.My whole class was standing in a line,waving goodbye and a lot of girls were crying.The boys faces were dry as the desert sand but I know they wanted to cry a river.They were good friends with X-O,but I was X-Os closest friend,known as a 'Best Friend.' Does that mean i'm the only one that can prevent him from leaving?No,even if I try he'll never listen to me...when the black car turned a corner and when we couldn't see them anymore,I ran up to the buliding and up to the roof.I fell onto my legs and looked up into the sun.This was where X-O said he loved me....I began to cry.

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