Distance Between Us

This is about a boy and a girl that was once before,childhood friends and best friends.But now they are distant from each other and they might never be with each other...ever.


5. Many Years

 Many years passed and time kept going on...without X-O.I cried for many days and many nights and I still couldn't get over X-O leaving.When one day,I was going to University when I saw a familiar face.I thought it was X-O but he was in another country so I just ignored it.Then,I heard a very familiar voice calling my name.All I could hear was mumbling when I it was coming closer and closer. "Kira!Kira!Kira!It's you isn't it?" "X-O?Is that y-you?"I spoke.He grabbed my hand and he pulled me closer.So close that if I move forward,I could end up kissing him.I closed my eyes shut. "Don't be afraid.You're the one that taught me to never be afraid.Come on.Open your eyes..." I slowly opened my eyes and when my eyes finally opened,there I saw........X-O.I hugged him right away "X-O!X-O!YOU'RE HERE!I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!" Tears started to leak out. "Kira.."He wiped away my tears and looked straight into my eyes with his regular serious face. "Kira,I meant what I said before I left and on the rooftop.I LOVE YOU" I pushed him away. "X-O...why do you love me?What is your reason?I need to know!" He held my hand "I love you because you are the one that saved me when I was so lonely and sad.You are the one that gave me a feeling to live.You were the only one who cared about me and you are the one that gives me hope and strength when I most need it.Kira,you're the one I want to be with the most." I couldn't believe it,I didn't WANT to believe it. "X-O,i'm flattered but I don't love you.The way I love you is that we're just friends.I'm so sorry X-O." X-O removed his hands from mine and fell on his knees.He covered his crying face with his big hands.I kneeled beside him,and kissed him on the forehead. "Don't cry,you don't look good when you cry...." He grabbed my hand and pulled me in.I thought he was going to kiss me but all he did was hug me. "Kira...even if you never love me,I will always love you.Anything you do will never change my feelings for you.Please,at least remember me in your heart.." "Okay..But X-O??I thought you were staying here for good."I looked sad. "I'm sorry Kira,but once again,I have to leave you.This time,i'll leave with not much heartbreak.Since I know i'll be in your heart" He smiled with shining tears in his eyes.Oh X-O,why do you have to love me?If you hadn't,this never would of happened...Someone pushed X-O away and grabbed me. "HEY,WHADDYA THINK YOU'RE DOING TO MY GIRLFRIEND??"I looked up to the mans face who grabbed me.OH!I forgot.It....was my boyfriend,Cooga Hitsuki. "Oh!C-Cooga!" I looked at his arms wrapped around me.I jumped out of his grasp and held onto X-O.Then I felt a hand push me away. "Excuse me,but X-O already has a girlfriend,ME."A girl said. "Oh,this is Mika Roke.She's kinda...my girl....." X-O said awkwardly.I walked back to Cooga and kissed him on the cheek. "Oh,nice to meet you.I'm Kira Mino and this is MY boyfriend,Cooga Hitsuki.He's very sweet and very kind." I said blushing.X-O looked me straight in the eye and asked "Can I talk to you for a moment Kira,ALONE?" "If it's alright with Cooga,then I suppose I could talk to you for a few minutes"I said smiling.Before I could even think,X-O grabbed my hand,ran away with me,hid and covered my mouth. "Don't make any noise!"He whispered angrily.For a few minutes we were hiding and then he took his hand off of my mouth. "I know I said I still love you and have a girlfriend,but I can explain.She is my classmate and she comforted me when I was new to the school.She asked me out a few months ago and I said yes." I backed away from him "You don't need to explain.It's alright,I have a boyfriend already and we're just friends X-O.Why did you even say yes to Mika if you didn't like her??" "Well,I said yes because....I was attracted to her.But not the same attraction I got for you!"He said sadly. "I'm very sorry X-O but I think she's closer to you than I am.I think I forgot everything about you.You know what,why don't we put some distance between us.I mean,it's been 2 years already and we're both already 18.We should move on with our lives.I-It's for the best..."I turned away from him.He grabbed my hands and spoke slowly "I-I-Is that what you want?You want us to never see each other again?You want us to break our whole friendship we've built up?If that's going to make you happy,then i'll leave your life...Goodbye Kira." X-O released my hands and started walking away from me.I wanted to run to him and hug him so much,but I was the one that said we should move on with our lives.I turned around and walked to Cooga.I turned back and I saw X-O with Mika.X-O was also smiling.I'm glad.I'm glad that X-O found someone else to make him happy.What?What's happening?There's a pain in my chest that burns up when I see X-O smile with someone else.What is this?Is this......Love?Do I love X-O know?I'm not sure but I don't want him to leave me.

We went our seperate ways.Me and Cooga went to a train heading north and X-O and Mika went to a train heading for south.As I saw him boarding on with Mika,I felt something in my heart.Wait a minute,I DO love X-O!Not as a brother but a lover!I banged on the window to catch his attention,but I was too.......late


                                                          THE END



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