The adventures of a girl

A normal girl bumps into, first two men wearing plaid, and later a big blue box. What happens when a mad man with a box invites her to join him? What happens when she suddenly remembers everything with a fatal outcome?

This is a fanfiction I wrote for my friend, so the protagonist is based on her, therefor it may no make much sense. It is my first fanfiction, so please, bear with me... :D


1. The adventures of a girl

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Kat. She did not think that she was special. She was just a normal girl. As she was walking to school one snowy December morning. Small snowflakes drizzled down from the clear sky, landed in Kat’s bright red hair, and made it moist. She glanced towards the sky, and a smile spread on her lips. The cold did not bother her, as long as it was snowing, nothing could get her mood down. A comforting silence filled the air. No cars could be heard, there were no people chattering, no chirping birds, and no wind in the trees. Kat found it quite nice to be walking around all alone, with the only thing that could be heard was her boots stepping down on the snow and making a trail behind her, while making a frizzling sound. She ruffled her hair, watched drops of water spilling from it, and land in the snow below.

As she arrived at the school and walked in, her mood fell a bit. Another day with meaningless teaching and time wasted. She dropped her bag at a desk, right next to her friend Soph, and plopped down on the chair beside her. With a swift movement, she removed the computer from her bag, and placed in on the table. A button was pressed and the computer screen glistened. The blue colour that was the page Tumblr’s background filled the screen. And it did for the rest of the class.

With the beastly classes all over, Kat could finally head home. Bur first she needed to go to the mall to buy a Christmas present to her mother. She walked into the warmth of the mall, and into a massive crowd of people. A loud sigh escaped her lips. She did not feel like she wanted to go shopping with the combined population of her town. Still, the present had to be bought. And there was not long until Christmas. She nudged her way through the store, and after 30 minutes of queuing, she finally bought the present. She was walking hastily towards the mall’s exit, when she overheard bits of a conversation. They sounded frantic.
 “Seriously Dean, how could you let him, or it, get away?! We almost had it”
 “Bite me Sam, we will get him. But what the hell was that? We need to call Bobby, maybe he can figure it out”
She watched the two men, who both wore plaid, the one a bit taller than the other, run past her. With a frown on her face, she stepped outside in the cold snow. She headed home, and started humming a soft tune as she walked. As she turned a corner, she suddenly heard a wheezing sound behind her. It sounded like a broken down cat that just about made it up the hill. When it stopped, she turned around and started walking back around the corner. She wondered what it could be. What machine could make such a sound?
She expected a beat-up looking car or a lorry, so what she saw, made her gasp. A big blue box stood in front of her. “Police public call box”, it said on the top over the square windows. She watched it closely. How did it get there? She just walked past that exact spot and it had no wheels so it could not have driven there. So how? As she was thinking the door of the big blue box opened, and a man stepped out. He had brown hair and a fairly big chin. He was wearing suspenders with a suit. As a final touch, he had added a red bowtie and a matching fez. He looked somewhat odd, but in some way Kat felt immediately drawn to him. There was just something about him, she felt like she could trust. The man looked at her, swatted a bit with his hands, and said:
“Hello Kat, I’m the Doctor”

Kat stared at the man in front of her. Did he just say Doctor? He was in a big blue box for god’s sake! How could he be a doctor? She did think his bowtie was pretty cool. Her voice shook a bit as she spoke.
“Doctor? Which kind of doctor?”
She stepped back a little, and suddenly realised that he had spoken her name. She had never seem him before in her whole life. How could he know her name?
“And how do you know my name?! I have never seen you before!”
An even bigger smile spread upon his lips, and his non-existing eyebrows rose.
“Well you see it’s all a bit wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey-vortex-stuff. But! You you my dear Kat. Yes you. You are special. Yes, oh yes. You are brilliant. No doubt about that. And I want to show you something. Something fantastic, which will change your life forever. But for the better, I will say” He looked at her while he spoke. Or well, he tried to. His eyes flickered everywhere, but not because he was nervous, it was perhaps just a habit. Kat blinked and thought about what he had just said.
“Show me what? Just know, I have pepper spray, so don’t try to do anything,” she warned as she reached into her bag. The man laughed at her words.
“No no, I won’t hurt you in any way. I am the Doctor, so I need you to trust me” he put out his hand towards her, and waited. Did he want her to come along? What on earth could he show her in that bloody box? It couldn’t have been more than 1x1 metres, so what could possibly be in there? With that said, she still felt drawn towards it. She wanted to take his hand and go. Into the unknown. She trusted that he did not want to hurt her. He said his name was the Doctor. Was that even a real name? You can’t just be called the Doctor, that is weird. Still, we all have our faults. This guy was calling himself the Doctor. Maybe he really was one.
She looked at his hand for a few seconds, then nodded and looked up. She took his hand and it closed around hers in a soft, yet firm grip. He opened the blue door to the police box and led her in. Kat was speechless. Inside the box was not a small space. There was a giant room. It has wires running all over, and the walls had a soft bronze and blue colour. There was a small bridge, which led from the door to a glass floor in the middle of the room, where a big console-desk-thing was. That seemed to be the centre and the most important thing in the room.
Kat could not believe her own eyes. She let go of the Doctor’s hand and ran outside. She walked around the box. Nothing! From the outside, it was tiny. But on the inside, it was massive! She almost tripped when she ran inside again. The door closed behind her, but she did not notice. The Doctor stood over at the centre of the room, looking towards her with an exited grin on his face.
“This, is amazing! It’s… It’s….” She did not know what to say, and she could not either, before the Doctor interrupted her.
“Yes, I know. Just say it. It’s?”
He looked like a five year old, waiting for his presents on Christmas day.
“It’s bigger on the inside” she gasped and walked towards the door. After she had spoken, he jumped 5 feet up in the air at bare triumph and joy.
“Yes! Everybody always says that” he smiled and pressed some buttons at the dashboard. Kat put her bag in a corner and looked around. She did not want to walk around in the box. You never know what you could find. She returned to the dashboard and stood across from the Doctor.
“There is something you still haven’t answered me Doctor. What is this place? And what is your name? I don’t know who you are. Doctor who?”

The Doctor pushed another button and spun around himself once, and then faced Kat.
“Just the Doctor. I am a Time Lord. This is my ship. It’s called the TARDIS, it stands for Time And Relative Dimention In Space. I can travel through time and space”
While he explained Kat stood dumb fooled and looked at him.
“You can WHAT?! Travel through space and time? Are you kidding me? I don’t believe this!” She gasped while shaking her head. Travelling in space and time. That was just impossible. Nothing like that no one could accomplish. Not in a million years. The Doctor just smiled and turned to the dashboard, pushed and pulled some stuff.
Suddenly the whole box was rumbling like an earthquake. Kat almost tipped over, but she managed to hold on to the dashboard just in time. She looked at the Doctor. He looked happier than he had ever been. Or well she thought he did. She suddenly felt a sadness inside her, and sniffled a bit. She frowned and shook her head. She closed her eyes and opened them when the rumbling and wheezing stopped. The Doctor flipped a button and walked to her.
“There Do-Kat! We are here. You maybe want to put on your jacket. It’s a bit chilly outside” Kat had not realised that she had taken off her jacket, but she quickly put it on again, even though she did not believe that they had moved one bit. When she had zipped her coat, the Doctor started to walk towards the TARDIS door, and she followed. He fiddled with his fingers and turned to her when they reached the door. He opened the door and a bright white light flushed inside and blinded them both temporarily. When Kat could see she stepped outside, and her foot landed in snow. The Doctor walked up to her with two glasses in his hands. He gave the one to her, and drank from the other. Kat took a sip of hers. It tasted a bit sweet, but still good.
She looked around, and could not believe how beautiful there was. She was definitely no longer on Earth. Mountains dipped in white and two suns shining down upon them. Suddenly something hit her like thunder. She had been there before.
“Doctor! I know this place! I have been here before. If we walk this way, we will get to the oods! How can I have been here before? I don’t understand. Who am I? I’m so confused. And dizzy. So so dizzy” Her voice got weaker and weaker as she spoke and the Doctor grabbed her arms in a soft grip.
“Kat listen to me. You are okay. You’re just remembering. Your real name is Donna Noble, and you are the most wonderful and brilliant human being. I know that I told you that you would die if you remembered, but Donna. I found a way! I found a way to save you! I searched and searched, and I found it. We just need the.. Donna!” he shouted when Donna collapsed on the ground in the Doctor’s arms. She was barely conscious.
“Donna, no! Hey, hey. We will fix you, I promise. I promise” his voice cracked while he lifted her and carried her into the TARDIS. He placed her softly on the floor and as she looked at him, her eyes burned bright gold.
“Doctor. You shouldn’t have done this. You know how it’s going to end. There is no way out. Doctor-Donna cannot live. You know that, you said so yourself.” He gasped when she spoked, not wanting to believe what he heard. He rushed to the TARDIS dashboard.
“Don’t say that Donna. I know I found a solution. It will work. We just need the TARDIS to absorb the time vortex in you and-“
“Doctor, it’s not going to work, and you know it. Doctor, I’ve got your brain. I know the TARDIS. I know just as much as you, and I know that it’s impossible. It cannot be done” The Doctor kept shaking his head, as he wouldn’t believe the words that came out from between her lips. Donna felt a buzzing all over. One she had experienced before. Just before the Doctor erased her mind that was when she had felt the same pain. She was scared, and she could feel the tears streaming down her face. The Doctor’s breath hitched as he looked at Donna.
“No, no, NO! There must be something that will work. I.. It has to.” The pain could be heard in his voice, and seen in his eyes, as he realized that he could not save Donna. There was nothing he could do. Not even, erase her memory. It was too late.
The Doctor ran to Donna, took her in his arms and looked crushed into her eyes.
“Donna, I’m so so sorry. I couldn’t do anything. It’s all my fault. Everything is my fault. I should never have brought you here. I should have let you live your life. I knew you would remember, but I thought I could save you. I have killed you Donna” The tears started to stream down the Doctor’s face as he spoke to the best friend he had ever had.
“I watched you for the past few years. You going back to school, travelling like you’ve always dreamed of doing.” He laughed a bit, as did Donna. He caressed her cheek with his and while she got weaker and weaker.
“Donna Noble. I love you as much as one can love one’s friend.” A small smile showed on Donna’s lips.
“Doctor. I’ve remembered. And I’m glad I did. I wouldn’t want to die not remembering any of what we accomplished. I have saved planets and species. That’s all I need. You don’t need to blame yourself. I will die happy. I will die remembering you, and everything else. So thank you Doctor. Thank you for everything you have showed me.” Donna closed her eyes and she felt a peace she had never felt before. It was warm and safe and she was happy. Happier than ever. While hearing the Doctor call her name and touching her face, she whispered three words:
“I love you”
And then Donna Noble took her last breath.

The Doctor saw the light disappear from her eyes and shook her harshly.
“Donna! Donna! No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no! This cannot be happening. No, Donna no! Please come back, please come back! Please. Please. Please”
He called her name, shouted, cried, begged and prayed. Nothing helped. Donna Noble was gone.
“I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry. I’m sorry” he whispered as he lifted her head up and kissed her on the forehead. Her face was wet from both her own tears, but also the Doctor’s. He felt like someone has stabbed him a dozen times. And he deserved it. He had killed his best friend. He had been selfsh and only thought about getting Donna back.
The Doctor closed her eyes and kissed both of her eyelids.
“Sleep well Donna Noble, savoir of planets.”

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