The Time is NOW!

It's time we END bullying and help others stand up for themselves!


3. Stop


Put the razor down, it's not your friend. It's an instrument of death.


Put down the pills, they won't numb the pain. They will just numb your last breath. 


Killing yourself? Ask yourself: Is it worth it? What about those who it will hurt? Before you decide to kill yourself think of who you will be hurting.



It's Always to early to quit

~Norman Vincent Peale~


While there is life, there is hope

~Marcus Cicero~


I have been through it guys, I know what it's like. You feel alone, feel useless. But there is someone out there for you, to help. I am 17 years old and a Senior in high school and I just found my help.


God put you on Earth for a reason. You are something, you are someone. You have a reason for being alive, I know you guys don't realize it. You are beautiful in your own way, and you are special. Why take that away?




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