Shadows (Harry Styles)

"The shadows of your past don't matter."
"What matters is I still love you."


Tori has never thought of anything else but reading books and going to work.
A safe life.
That is, until he shows up in it.
Out of place with Harry's intense interactions, Tori has no idea what to do.
She tries to get him out of her life, but he always just shows up.
As Harry and Tori get closer though, dead girls start to show up around town.
The first on the suspect list: Harry.
What happened to Harry that he's number one in a murder?
What will happen when Tori finds out about the shadows of his past? Will she help him or leave him to go back to her safe life?


1. ►Chapter One

     “Nice weather we’re having, isn’t it?”

I looked up, trying to fight back the fear that was slowly growing in my tummy. I needed to stop watching/reading so many crime shows.

A boy maybe older than I was by a few years had sat down beside me on the park bench.

     “Yeah, I guess,” I answered softly, holding my book closer to my chest and turning back to it.

I pushed my glasses higher up on the bridge of my nose and tucked a stray piece of hair back in my braid that was hanging over my shoulder.

     “That’s a pretty big book for you,” he continued.

Annoyance grew inside me. No one ever bothers me in the park, which is why I came here. I just had to get out of my stuffy apartment for a few hours.

     “It’s a good book,” I answered evenly. It was rude to show off my annoyance of this boy.

Besides, I can always just walk off.

     I stuck the bookmark in my book and closed it. Getting up, I started walking down the paved walkway leading back to my house.

Since it was autumn, the leaves were just starting to change and the kids were just going back to school. A gentle breeze blew through and sent shivers down my spine as I walked away.

     There were the gentle patterns of sneakers on the pavement behind me.

I moved to the side assuming it was a runner.

      “Wait,” the boy from the bench called me. I frowned a little.

His brown curls were wind-swept and his pink lips were parted as he tried to catch his breath from the short run he had made to catch up with me.

I was not optimistic about boys, but they never talked to me so therefore I never invested myself to get a boyfriend, let alone talk to a boy.

I was surprised with how cool I was playing with this boy now.

     “I wanted to ask you something,” he said.

     “I’m sorry, but I have to go and get ready for my shift,” I answered, I turned and continued to walk down the pavement. Holding my book close to my chest, I wished that he would just go away. Why does he not flirt with the blonde jogging in just her bra?

     “It’ll be quick,” he continued. His voice was low and raspy. He was speaking quickly though, as if he was being pushed into this.

I let my eyes wander around the park, looking for some other boys that he may have came with.

     “I don’t have time for quick,” I whispered, “I’ll be late.”

     “Please,” he said, touching my arm.

My stomach lurched and I swear my heart almost stopped from his touch.

     I turned to look at him. “Fine,” I answered, trying to stay calm.

My heartbeat started to beat at an irregular pace. It always did that when I was this close with a boy.

Holding my book closer to my body, I felt as if it was almost a shield, and if I held it close enough he would give up and go away.

     At least that was what I was hoping anyway.

     “Can I please get your number?” he said, his voice grew slower, and he looked down as he said it, avoiding my eyes.

I blinked a few times, comprehending what he had just said.

     “You want my phone number?” I ask again, just to be sure.

He nods as I try to remember the last time a boy has ever asked for my phone number.

I bite my lip. What harm could come from this? I can always give him the number from my work anyways, just to stay safe.


He smiles, showing off perfect-looking white teeth.

I give him a weak smile back as he pulls his iphone from his pocket and gives it to me.

Looking down at it, I add my work number in it and then my name.

     “Thank you,” he says.

Before I know it, he is pulling me into a tight hug.

My heart hammers against my rib cage as he rests his chin on my head.

Instead of hugging him back though, I just pull away and hold my book closed.

The smile on his face almost appears as if it is going from ear-to-ear.

     “Thank you,” he repeats again.

     “You’re welcome,” I whisper. “I need to go.” I turn and start walking off towards my apartment to get ready for work.

I feel eyes on my back as I am walking away. I turn to look behind me and see him still standing there watching me go.

Turning back, I start to walk faster.

     Maybe this was not such a good idea after all.




     “You have three calls from line two.” Jane tells me as I walk in. I catch a glimpse of her playing solitaire on the computer as I walk past her and into the back room.  

     “Thanks,” I say, setting my things down on the small table.  

I come back in the front, “Turn that off,” I say, “We’re working.”

She rolls her eyes at me but continues to play her game while I pick up the phone.

     “Hello, head quarter’s library, how may I help you?” I ask.

     “Let me take you out for dinner,” a voice says. I frown as my eyebrows knit themselves together.

     “One moment please.” I rest the phone on my shoulder, “Jane why is your boyfriend calling here?” I ask.

She turns back at me with a scowl on her face, “Robert and I broke up last week, it’s not my boyfriend, it’s yours.”

She rolls her eyes and gets up from the computer, “If I were you, I’d get rid of him quickly, he sounds clingy,” she takes the cart full of books and goes off to put them on the shelves.

     I sigh and lift the phone back up to my ear, “Who is this?”

     “Harry,” he answered, “From the park. This isn’t your number.”

I bite my lip, “I wasn’t just going to give some random boy my house number,” I answer smoothly. I scratch my fingernails on the skin of my arm, leaving behind pink marks, a nervous habit.

     “Well even better,” he answers, “When is your shift over?”

     I frown, “I’m not telling you,” I retort.

My first attempts at flirting sound somewhat pitiful to me, considering all the books I have read about girls getting the boy with just their average charm. This on the other hand was the real world.

My head as telling me that I should say no to this boy. Instead I was here talking to him on the phone.

     “I’ll just come and wait for you then.” Harry’s voice says on the other side.

     “There is a back door,” I tell him, “I don’t have to walk home with you.”

My heart started to hammer itself against my rib cage as I waited for him to answer.

I always got a ride home with Jane, but it would be nice to walk home alone… with a boy.

Yeah, this is not a good idea.

     “I’m sorry,” I say before he has a chance to answer, “But this was all a mistake, I’m really sorry, but I have to go.”

Before he can answer, I hang up the phone and go to sit at the computer.

I hit restart game on Jane’s solitaire and start playing. 

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