My Random Thoughts

This is literally gonna be like a journal, sorry. But you might find something randomly funny, but my life's a bit fuzzy right now. SORRY IN ADVANCE FOR ANYTHING REMOTELY DEPRESSING.

Also, you might find A LOT of fangirling of anime, artists, books, etc.


2. Day 2- 4/29/14

3:33 PM

I know, I haven't written anything. If it makes you feel any better, all I've done is watch YouTube videos. That's it. And homework. Blegh.

We just got out of school for the day (Ken, don't be stupid, you got home at 3:08. You're lying to yourself because you sorta forgot about this app.) and I'm laying in bed and procrastinating on homework that's due on Friday. Yay...

Random thoughts... Random thoughts.... What's a random thought..?

Oh! Have you guys heard about TTT? Trouble in Terrorist Town? God, that game.. Or Prop Hunt? Or ANY of Gary's Mods? Love those... Especially when Pewds, Cry, Minx, etc. play them. Those guys are hilarious.

Have any of you had the really big Reece's eggs? For Easter? I'm eating one. They're amazing. Even though I don't really like chocolate (plzdontkillmeh). I have a reason to not like it, I'm lactose intolerant or however you spell it. But chocolate doesn't bother me a whole lot.

I've been thinking about watching Death Note. But I refuse to start another anime without Hannah, my best anime buddy. Be jelly, anime fans. I have the BESTEST ANIME BUDDY EVERRRRR~~~~~! Yay

Anyway, what else should I talk about? I won't be able to write much, but ummmm.....


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