My Random Thoughts

This is literally gonna be like a journal, sorry. But you might find something randomly funny, but my life's a bit fuzzy right now. SORRY IN ADVANCE FOR ANYTHING REMOTELY DEPRESSING.

Also, you might find A LOT of fangirling of anime, artists, books, etc.


1. Day 1- 4/26/14

9:18 AM

I wonder why they named the beach Pensacola. Maybe, the person who founded the beach had some pens and they named them all Cola. Pens-a-cola. Yup. That's my explanation~.

Anyway, we're going to the beach today! Yay! The weekend's almost over which sucks and my handwriting is gonna be crap because I haven't been writing whatsoever. Which is gonna be annoying. Eh.

Why does handwriting get bad anyway? It's like, you've got awesome handwriting but the second you get back to school after the weekend, your hand just says, "Naw, I'm not gonna work today, maybe next hour or maybe today's just gonna be a lazy day and I'll wait till third hour. I dunno."

Anyway, I'm done for now. I'm gonna try my first ever McGrittle or whatever it's called! Yay!

End- 9:22 AM

10:41 AM

So, I feel bad for the 129 people who get notified anytime I post something on Instagram. So, if you're following me on there, I am sorry. I shouldn't be spamming you with random videos and pictures because I'm bored. The car ride (which we have 2 more bourse of) is killing me. So I'll just write my thoughts here for awhile since my little sister is going to sleep.

On the interstate, the hills are really fun, and so are all the turns, but there's a TON of rivers, lakes, swamps, etc. I, being scared of water and the thought of drowning and I can't swim, am terrified of somehow driving off the bridge and dying a horrible death. My little sister likes to make fun of me for this.

I wish I could watch some anime. I'm trying to save my battery for my phone and I don't have my earbuds or headphones though. Which sucks. A lot.

Being between an eighteen wheeler on the interstate is like asking for death. Which is scary. Does anyone know what Paschall Truck Lines, Inc. is? Also known as PTL? That's what the truck in front of us says. Paschall is a funny word..

Is Denny's good? Anyone know? I honestly don't like Chick-fil-a. Last time I ate it I got sick. Like, "Stay in bed Ken you're sick" kind of sick.

Has anyone been to Ship Island? That place was so pretty when I went. But then my fear of water was at its peak because I had been close to drowning around that age, and when Mom and my step dad tried to get me in the water... Let's just say a lot of people saw a little girl crying her eyes out about not wanting to get in the water while her mom and step dad tried to keep her from getting kidnapped. Yeah, memories.

I wanted to get a tan, but it's gonna be kinda cloudy. Then Mom told me that I could still get a tan because of the way the sun reflects on the clouds and it's better for tanning. Mom's so smart. :P

We're only just in Mississippi, and I'm bored out of my mind. I kind of wanna go to Ship Island, but my little sister refuses so we can't go. Boo.


I wish we could stay the night at the beach, but Mom says she has to work a little tomorrow and blah blah blah. Grown up stuff. Blegh.

Does anyone know the song Blurred Lines? Yeah. I honestly don't like the song, but it's kinda catchy and now it's stuck in my head because 107.1 (which is the only radio station that isn't staticky or whatever) hates me. I'll never take the radio show, 102.5, for granted. I hate these other stations, I'm not cut out to be Mississippian.

There are so many camping places. I never even been camping! I think it'd be a terrible but fun experience. Do you guys like camping? Anything you definitely recommend bringing? I wanna try out camping, but I'm pale as a vampire because I don't get out much.

I WANT MY HETALIA. I wanna see my fun countries. I need entertainment. This somewhat staticky music isn't enough, but thanks Demi Lovato for sing Neon Lights for us. It's just not enough. It's not you, it's me. I swear.

I've never seen so many freaking trees. They're EVERYWHERE. Which reminds me of a time when I-- Classic by 5SOS (? Maybe MKTO? I get those mixed up XD) is on. Ohmygosh. Anyways, we were in the car and I was sitting in the back. Well, we were surrounded by trees and it was really dark, I was abut five, and my imagination was out of control. I thought a lion was gonna come out of the trees and attack our car. THEN. Out of nowhere, I look over, and I swear I saw ELMO'S HOUSE in the trees. I don't know how, or why for that matter, but it terrified me. I felt paralyzed. Horrific moment.

Anyway, enough randomness for now.

Peace- 11:23 AM

12:55 AM

So it turns out I've had Denny's once, last year on the way to Missouri to visit family and go to Great Wolf. I think I thought it was okay, I have a bad memory. We've finally made it to the beach, we're on the Pensacola Bay Bridge or whatever it's called. It's really freaking pretty.

Adios- 1:01 PM

5:05 PM

My gosh I love it here. It's really calm and pretty, but the waves are starting to pick up. My little sisters love the water but it's too cold for me.. I think I'll just publish it now, I mean all we'll be doing now is laying around and going home. I'll probably be exhausted, but meh.

Goodbye for the last time today- 5:07 PM

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