Justins Maid

After 17 year old Lily's mom gets to sick and takes time off as a maid for Justin Bieber, Lily is forced to take the job as Justin Bieber's Maid.


35. Younger

There I was, waiting so desperatly for my mother too fall asleep so I could go to Justin's party (After Maejor invited me no less) and here I am now, listening to some spoiled brat in Justin's kitchen. "And so the stupid bitch though I was shoplifting...me, can you believe  that?" Blah Blah Blah. "To think all the money I spent at-" Blah Blah. What was she doing with Justin anyways? She was 14 max. I let her keep talking untill she finally realized I stopped listening and skips away. I kept taking down shot after shot, nearly throwing it all up to take down more. I was an emotional drunck wreck. Nice goin Lily.

"I know yopu probably think I'm a douche." Justin. What is he doing here? Oh wait what am I doing here. Shit. No matter how drunk I get what happened... happened. "You forgot asshole, man-whore, bit-" "I'm sorry okay, I get it." Justin says. "No you don't and thats your problem, you don't get it!" It's not like he has to babysitt his mom or try to get into an 'ok' college and worry that anyday know he will be living with an aunt he had no idea existed! I want to explode."Okay maybe I don't, explain." So I do right outside on his verande. "Man I'm sorry that sucks." Why is he being so nice, I wanna hate him... not kiss him. Kind of. "Ya think." I cross my arms, It has to be like 60 degrees outside. Justin is staring at me, I can feel it.

"So who was the girl?"

"Madison Beer." His voice echos.

"Well that helped." Sarcastically speaking.

"I 'discovered' her but it was kind like a money thing."

I pretend to know whaat he is talking about. "She looks young."

"She is." Says the sick, perverted, beautiful Justin.

"I'm afraid to ask."


"You know thats rape." Justin touches my arm. "Rape!" I yell.

"Thats so not funny Lillian." I laugh extra hard to the point where it hurts inside.

"Thats hillarious." Even though it isn't. 

"I'm really sorrry, you know, tonight was the last night."  He pauses.

"Well it shouldn't have been." Silence...uh-huh bitch think about that.

"It wasn't consentual." Justin replies.

"Oh if that was you apology consider it not exepted. And you know what, thanks for the invite you much rather have her over than me 'the help' right. 'Cuz thats all I am, the maid? Well not anymore! Fuck you, your fancy house and your expensive cars." Enough said. I stop into the kitchen where Acacia is chatting it up with Maddison who seems to understand her way more than I ever will. "Bye Acacia and Good luck Madison." I'm so outta here.

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