Justins Maid

After 17 year old Lily's mom gets to sick and takes time off as a maid for Justin Bieber, Lily is forced to take the job as Justin Bieber's Maid.


26. Trust

I started to question how life could start off soo perfect, then turn into a living hell, what did I do to deserve this. Why me? I woke up on the floor with an empty bottle in my hand. My back ached, probably from my fall. "Uggh," I moaned trying to sit up. My phone went off, probably Justin, he called me like a hundred times last night, and I'm surprised he didn't come over. I went to the bathroom and washed my face. Leaning against the counter-top I stared at the keys. No Lily, you don't need that, you are becoming addicted, the angel said. You can stop anytime you want, plus you never drank before, another bottle won't hurt, the devil said. I ran my fingers across the shiny metal, and picked up the keys.

With my hand on the steering wheel, I realized how unstable I was, my hands felt like water against the steering wheel. Turning the keys even took more strength than usual. I clicked the little garage button and headed down the drive-way, Lily against the streets. My vision was a little blurred, but managed to clear a bit as I got closer to Manny's. I noticed the guy from yesterday but forgot his name. I pulled up next to him. "Well looks who's here," He said taking a sip of something in a brown paper bag. "Hey." I said waving. "Back so soon, you can't tell me you finished that bottle." I nodded. "Damn, Barbie can drink that quicker than me." I giggled, he gave me the stupidest nick-names. "Yep, so do you think you could get me another?" I said pulling out a fifty. "Yeah, of course," He sat up. "Thanks." I handed it to him, and he ran inside. "Here," He said handing me a black plastic bag and some tens. "Keep it," I said giving the money back. I got inside my car and shut the door. I pulled the bottle out of the bag, screwed open the top and took a sip. The guy tapped on my window, and I rolled it down. "Hey, you probably shouldn't drink that, especially out here." He looked around. "Yeah I know," I said putting the top back on and setting the bottle in the passengers seat. "You look a little drunk already, let me take you home." He said opening the door. I got out and handed him the keys. "Straight home." I went around the car and into the passengers side. "Tell me where to go," I gave him the directions and soon enough we were in the drive-way. "Why do you drink so much?" He asked. "Because I'm sad." I replied. "Why are you sad?" "My mom is in the hospital." "Where's your dad?" He asked playing with a strand of my tangled hair. "I honestly have no clue where he is, haven't seen him since I was little." Was I seriously telling a stranger this. "Ah, so he wouldn't mind if I did thins," The guy said kissing me, I pushed him away. "What the hell." "I'm sorry." He said making a face. I kind of felt bad for him. "Its okay."


A/N: Sup Lovlies sorry its been a while. :) I know Justin needs too be more 'involved' look for him in the next chapter or so :) Stay Marvelous

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