Justins Maid

After 17 year old Lily's mom gets to sick and takes time off as a maid for Justin Bieber, Lily is forced to take the job as Justin Bieber's Maid.


21. Playing House

After our little make-out sesh. I went back to cleaning, but I could feel Justin's eyes undressing me. There was a knock at the door which caused me to jump. "Come in," Justin yelled, it was Jazmyn. "Hey Justin." She said hopping on the bed. "What's up princess." "I'm board, daddy left." I pretended to dust something. "You want to play a game?" Justin asked. Jazmyn jumped up and down, "Yes, how about we play house." How did I know she was going to say that. "Sure." Jazmyn hopped off the bed, "I'll go get Jaxon." I turned to look at Justin. "Aww, house." I teased. "Oh, your playing too." "Nu-uh, she asked you, plus I'm cleaning." I started dusting for real. "The house is clean." It actually really was clean, I was just being nosy. "Well okay, but after I should probably go home." "O-okay." Justin looked down. Jazmyn sprinted into the room dragging Jaxon behind her. "Now, Jaxon and I are the kids, and you and Lily are the parents." She was talking really fast. "That's fine with me," Justin looked over at me and grinned. He was such a nerd. "Lily, you and Justin have to get married first." Damn, we kissed once and now were getting married. "Um, how?" Jazmyn looked at me like I was stupid, "You guys kiss, duh." She was quite a 5 year old. It was silent. "Come with me mom, and I will get you dolled up." She said taking me by the hand. I sat in a mini princess chair while she pulled mini lip-glosses and exotic eye shadows out of her bag. "Where did you get all of this?" I asked. "My mom, now close your eyes." I did. "Okay, open them." She held a mirror in front of me. Wow, I looked ugly. "Now all you need is a little-" She put a shit-load of lip-gloss on my lips. "Am I done?" I asked. "Yep."

We were back in Justin's room. "Nice make-up." I rolled my eyes. "Now Justin, you may kiss the bride." Jaxon said, after Jazmyn whispered something in his ear. Justin and I just stared at each other. "We are waiting." Jaxon said. Justin leaned in and we were about to kiss, "Just, forget about it, lets play another game." Jazmyn said stepping in front of us.

*Okay so Hey people, Dreamer_xx (Jurnee) here and yeah I am sort of like running out of Ideas, and well you guys deserve a lot more than the shit chapters I'm giving you. So I really need some help thinking of something or I'm probably going to put it on-hold for a while. So yeah, if you think of something can you please just comment, :) *

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