Justins Maid

After 17 year old Lily's mom gets to sick and takes time off as a maid for Justin Bieber, Lily is forced to take the job as Justin Bieber's Maid.


19. Pics Doe

As soon as we got back to the house, I started to pick up the kids toys. "What are you doing?" Justin asked. "Cleaning," I said. "Lily, are you sure you don't want to rest today and just clean tomorrow." "No, I got it." The house actually wasn't that messy. After I finished the downstairs, I went up to Justin's room, he was laying in his bed curled up with his iPhone. That boy in his damn Twitter. "Say cheese." Justin said. I looked up and click. "Delete it now," Justin just stared at his phone. "If you post that on twitter I will.." Justin grinned. "Will what?" "Come over there and take your phone, ha" Justin dangled his phone. "You can have it, if you can get it." Your so off task right now Lily, clean the fucking house. "No," I said bending over to pick up his shirt, click. Now he has a picture of me bending over, great. "Justin, that is way to far." I said shaking my head. "Well, when your ready come and get it." No lily, no. I ran over to the bed and sat at the end. "Hand me your phone." Justin shook his head. "I said come get it, not sit at the end of the bed and me hand it to you." Justin was such a smart-ass. I crawled closer to him, he stayed in the same place. I tried to grab the phone, but he moved it closer to him. "You can't do that." I whined. "Yes I can." He was smiling, and so was I. He held it out, and I tried reaching for it, but then he brought it back in, it caused me to topple over him. I tried to get up, but he held me, in a playful kind of way, and that's when I noticed, that's what he wanted me to do, fall. Any smart person would of guessed that was his way of getting me on top of him. Not bad Justin. Beatrice would of so laughed at me right now. "Justin, you messed up my hair," I whined pushing it down, in a aggressive sort of way. "I like that hair style on you," He said touching my arm. I blushed. Oh no Lily, what are you doing. "The phone," I said holding out my hand. "Oh, you mean this," Justin said slipping it under his shirt. "Ewww, I don't want it now." Yes I did. "Well, twitter will want it." I sighed. "Fine." I slowly slipped my hand under his shirt, his body felt so nice I almost forgot what I was reaching for, the phone, yeah. Justin leaned back against his headboard and stared at the outline of my hand going through his shirt. When I looked up I noticed him staring at me and I gave him this 'is it okay' look, and he nodded. You would think I'd have the phone right now, but it seemed almost impossible to reach without actually being on top of Justin. "Justin, I can't reach it." I said. "Your not trying." He was right, I wasn't trying, I knew exactly what trying meant. I rolled my eyes, and got on top of him, leaned forward and got his phone. My the look in his face I could tell he was actually enjoying this, and who's to say I wasn't. Our eyes met. "I got it," I said dangling the phone in his face. "What, oh," What the heck, did he just like forget about the phone. I typed in his password and deleted the 2 he took of me just now, and 1 other he took a while back. "Are you like obsessed with me," I joked. "Maybe," He smirked. I was about to get up, when I noticed Justin had his hand on my thigh. He stared at me, and I tried to avoid eye contact, but when our eyes me, they locked.

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