Justins Maid

After 17 year old Lily's mom gets to sick and takes time off as a maid for Justin Bieber, Lily is forced to take the job as Justin Bieber's Maid.


20. On Top

I didn't want to get off, and I didn't, we stayed in the same position for minutes. I wanted Justin to say what he was thinking, I could tell he was thinking something. "Say it," I whispered in his ear. And Justin said three words I never thought would escape his lips, " I Want You." Our faces were only centimeters apart, yet that was to far for me, I wanted to be closer. Closer. First, our lips touched softly, a warm-up. He slowly pulled back, a test, I leaned in and kissed him harder, more passionately.I stiffened when his hands planted themselves on my waist, but his light, heart-warming chuckle managed to loosen me up again. I ran my hands through the oh-so famous Bieber hair and down into his shirt.  The heated moment was so intense that I hadn't noticed he unhooked my bra and had his hands under my shirt. "Is this okay?" He asked. No, none of it was okay, "Yes." It was like I had no control over my words, he gave me control, but I pushed it away. I could feel his hands moving up and down in my shirt and occasionally brushing past my boobs. I herd footsteps over the loud beat of my heart. I paused and looked at Justin. "Someone is coming," I said falling next to him on the bed. We were both breathing hard. Jeremy walked into the room, "Hey kiddos-" He paused. I bit the edge of my lip, "Hi Mr. Bieber," "Hey dad." Justin said. Jeremy just stared at us. "You guys look like you just ran a marathon," He added. "Oh," Justin said. "Nope, we just woke up." I said. "I really don't care what is going on, I just want you guys to remember there are 2 kids in the house, and you guys seriously need to shut the door." We all smiled. Jeremy looked at us once more before shutting the door, "That's why they were invented!" As soon as the door shut, I felt Justin run his hands down my thigh. We were far from finished.    

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