Justins Maid

After 17 year old Lily's mom gets to sick and takes time off as a maid for Justin Bieber, Lily is forced to take the job as Justin Bieber's Maid.


9. No Longer a V

I woke up in the morning to screaming kids. "What the hell?" I said looking up. I was still at Justin's. Jazmyn and Jaxon where dancing around Justin in the kitchen. "Morning Lil," Justin said cooking. The room smelled like something burnt. "You need help?" I asked sitting up from the couch. "No, I got this," Justin replied attempting to flip an egg, which ended up falling on the floor. I walked over to the kitchen, picked up an egg and cracked it into the pan, "Its soo simple," I said to Justin. "I can do that." He said leaning against the granite counter tops. "I'm sure you can." I put the eggs on plates for the kids, then made one for Justin. "You want some?" He asked sitting at the table. "Nah, I don't eat eggs." I said sitting across from him. "You got to be joking," Justin said. "No, I'm a vegetarian." "Since when?" Well, I've been a vegetarian since as long as I can remember really. "Since always." Justin gave me a weird smile. "Here, just try one," He said pushing the plate towards me. "No Justin." "Just a little one." "No!" "I will give you $100." "I don't want your money." "$1000." "Still no." "For me?" And what made him think I would eat the egg... for him. "Uh-uh, your just wasting your time." "Pleasee." I really didn't understand why he was so obsessed with me eating an egg. "Fine," I said, one little tiny egg wouldn't hurt I guess. I picked the egg up with my hand and put it in my mouth. I chewed then swallowed it. I didn't taste bad, and damn sure better that tofu crap. Justin grinned. "You like it don't cha," I tried not to smile.

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