Justins Maid

After 17 year old Lily's mom gets to sick and takes time off as a maid for Justin Bieber, Lily is forced to take the job as Justin Bieber's Maid.


25. Mom

The next morning I woke up at 6:30 with a pounding headache, the aftermath of getting wasted the night before. But I could care less about the headache, this morning I was going to see my mom and bring her back home. I got dressed and put my hair in a messy bun. My phone went off, but I ignored it, and Instead grabbed the car keys.

I was standing in front of the hospital, the sad, cold hospital, my hand grasping the handle, holding on for dear life, afraid. My heart raced as I pulled it open. "Good morning darling, how may I help you?" A lady said. "I would like to visit my mom." "Last name?" "Belkin." The lady made a sad face, "Room 5, oh and bless your little heart." Why was she frowning? I started to panic as I ran down the hallway. The walls started to cave in, and the room numbers turned into a blur. I accidentally bumped into someone, "Hey, watch it," She said. I kept running. Room 2..3..4....5. I tried to open the door but it was locked.  I yanked and pulled it. Locked. A nurse was passing by, "Help me," I said still trying to open the door. She rushed over. "Oh honey," She said holding me in her arms. "Its locked," I cried. "I know sweetie, your mom isn't allowed visitors at this time." How did she know that was my mom. "H-how did you know?" The lady sighed, "She wanted me to tell you she is doing fine, but-" She paused, "But what?" "But she isn't." The room went darker. "W-why can't I see her?" "She is too sick to have visitors." Darker. "B-but I was suppose to take her home." The lady brushed the loose strands of my hair out of my face. "Why don't you go home yourself, and come back tomorrow to see if she is feeling better." I nodded.

I went home, tossed my jacket on the couch and went into the kitchen. The bottle was a little more than half empty and I didn't bother using a cup. I screwed the cap of and took big long gulps.


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