Justins Maid

After 17 year old Lily's mom gets to sick and takes time off as a maid for Justin Bieber, Lily is forced to take the job as Justin Bieber's Maid.


23. Its Not An Addiction

After an hour and a half of the cooking channel, Twitter and  making the house a mess just so I could clean it, I was officially board. I threw on a black and pink varsity jacket and decided to take a walk. I started walking down the street when I noticed a familiar black car parked a little down the way. I knew for sure I had seen the car, just where. My mind needed a mental break from all the twisted shit that was happening. Relax Lily, forget about the stupid car. I turned left at the main street and went inside Café' Livre. There was tantalizing aroma of fresh coffee that made me feel relaxed. "Hey Canada." The lady with the tattoo said. "Hi," I walked over to the counter and looked at the big menu marked in chalk. "I'll take a green-tea lemonade." I handed her a five. "You seem to be growing really popular in L.A," She put the money in the cash register. "Oh really, how so." "I didn't know you were friends with Justin Bieber." Yeah, neither did I. "Oh yeah, who told you?" I took a sip of the drink. "Only  everyone that follows Justin on twitter knows about you." I didn't think of her as one that would follow Justin on twitter. "Have a nice rest of the day." I said leaving. Tea didn't relax me as much as liquor. There would be a liquor store a few blocks away if I keep walking straight. Straight it is. I stopped in front of Manny's liquor store. "He doesn't sell to minors," A guy that was sitting on the floor said. "Who does?" The wind was picking up, and my hair was flying every-which way. "Nobody girl, your in California." I started to turn around. "Wait." "What?" "Give me a 20 and I'll get you a bottle." He sat up. He was tall and skinny with blonde shaggy hair and dull green eyes. l pulled out a 20, Grey Goose please." The guy chuckled. "Damn baby doll you look so young." He walked into the store and minutes later came out with a big bottle of Grey Goose. "This is all they had, but if you ever need someone to help you finish it, call me." I took the black grocery bag. "Thanks, what's your name?" "Dylan but everyone calls me D-man, you get it." Yeah, like the man, I totally get that. "Yeah, I'm Lily." We shook hands. "I know this may sound creepy but how old are you Lily." "17 and you." "24." "Oh, nice to here, see you around." I said walking back. "Bye Lily!" He shouted. I passed the coffee shop and headed home. That same car was still parked, there was someone in there staring at me but I dare get closer to see who it is, instead I pick up my pace.

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