Justins Maid

After 17 year old Lily's mom gets to sick and takes time off as a maid for Justin Bieber, Lily is forced to take the job as Justin Bieber's Maid.


2. I'll Volunteer As Tribute

It was a Friday afternoon and my mom came home from work more shot than usual. "Are you okay?" I asked pouring a glass of water for her. "Yeah, but I think I'll have to take tomorrow off." "No!" I shot back. "Why?" She asked. "You already took of your work days for the month, he even gave you one extra, don't push it," I said handing her the glass. "Justin is nice, he will let me, hand me my phone please." I picked up her phone and tossed it on the couch next to her. "Just hope, your ready to fly back to Canada." I said watching her dial his number. The phone was to her ear now. "Um, hello Justin it's Marry-Ann... Yes I'm good....I would like to ask you if it would be okay if-" I snatched the phone away from my mom. "Hey Justin, it's Lily, and I will be in tomorrow for my mom, okay bye." I hung up. My mom looked at me "What?" I shrugged, "I like California."  I wasn't about to go back to Canada, because my mom didn't feel like going to work. "Why don't you go hang out with your friends?" My mom asked taking a sip of her water. "I guess, I don't really have any," I said looking down at my greyish converse, that started off white. "Oh come on Lil, we've been here for 4 weeks, have to have some." The truth is, I hang out with a couple of kids at school I guess I could call friends, but never cared to get any of their numbers. "Yeah, I'm going to go walk around the neighbor hood," I said grabbing a black hoodie off the couch (that was either mine or my moms, it didn't matter though, we shared our clothes for the most part).

It was mid-November, and it was just beginning to get a little cold outside. I walked down the empty streets, not really paying any mind to where I was going, or where I would end up. The streets were pretty clean, and seemed for the most part safe. I passed by houses, some new, others old. They were all brown and fairly put together. I stopped and waited for a car to pass before I crossed the street. The driver was a boy about my age, he was blonde, and I couldn't exactly make out the color of his eyes, but I just knew they were gorgeous (Defiantly the type of boy me and my best friend Beatrice would obsess over). I kept walking until I hit the big main street. There were so many stores that sold Coffee to Lingerie. I walked inside a little coffee shop named Café' Livre. Inside it was painted all brown, and had kind of like a Starbucks theme. The lady behind the counter had bright red hair, some face piercings, and a tattoo of a snake on her arm, "Hey, how may I help you today?" The lady asked. I looked at the menu. Everything was so expensive. Welcome To Cali Lily. I pulled a crumbled 20 out of the sweater pocket and handed it to the lady, "Caramel Frappe, please." She turned around to make the drink. "So where are you from?" She asked. "Toronto, how did you know I wasn't from here?" I asked. The lady laughed (kind of strangely), "No teenage girl from here ever say please when ordering something, and you also gave me some strange money," She said holding up a CAD (Canadian Dollar).

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