Justins Maid

After 17 year old Lily's mom gets to sick and takes time off as a maid for Justin Bieber, Lily is forced to take the job as Justin Bieber's Maid.


11. Freak Show

I could tell right away this is a different kind party than Justin's. Everyone here was either a rapper, model or video vixen. I looked like I belonged here, but I didn't fell like it. I kept pulling down my shorts. "Want a drink?" Ali asked. "No," I replied. "You need just one, that's all." No, I was to vulnerable when I drank. "Just drink something then," He said. "I'll have a coke." I replied looking around me, everyone was dancing and acting wild. People were making out on the couch, and the loud music made it hard to think. I wanted to leave. Ali came back and handed me a coke. "Thanks," I said taking a sip, that was NOT coke. Maejor watched as I drank it. "What the hell is this," I yelled spitting it back into the cup. "Coke?" He said. Bullshit. "Coke and what" "Rum." It tasted like shit. I set the cup on the counter and looked for the bathroom, he followed me. Without knocking, I rushed into the bathroom, there was already someone in there "Hey!" they yelled. Oh my gosh, I turned around and bumped into Ali. I was breathing heavy. He pulled me into the next room. "Take me home," I said trying to leave, he blocked the door. "Why, were having fun,"
 He said. "No, your freaking weird." I said trying to open the door, he was much stronger and bigger than I was. He pushed me away, and I fell onto the bed. He walked over and grabbed me by the arms. "I will call the cops," I said struggling to get out of his grip. "Oh yeah, with what phone." Maejor had my phone. "Then I'll scream." Maejor laughed. "And you think people will hear you? And if they do, care?" I shrugged. There was a knock at the door, "Now you go out there and be a princess, you hear." He whispered. "Fuck you," I said pulling away from him. I opened the door. "Sorry bro," Ali said. "I have some girls I want you to meet." He said. I followed him to a group of girls. "Hey ladies, this is my girl Lily." He said practically tossing me into their group. "Hey Lily," A girl said, she looked a couple years older than me, she had light brown skin and green eyes. "Hey," I said turning around, Maejor was gone. "So Lily is your name, but you look more like a Scarlett, how about we call you Scarlett," Another girl said. She was tall and thin with long black hair and hazel eyes. "Scarlett is pretty," I said pulling down my shorts. "Let me guess, you didn't pick that outfit out yourself." The girl with the green eyes said. I shook my head. "Its cute, you have a nice body, I hope you don't take that  the wrong way," The tall girl laughed. "Maejor always picks the pretty girls," Another girl chimed in, she had light blonde hair and a fake tan. "What do you mean by picks?" I asked. "Ali is a pimp," The blonde said. What had I gotten myself into. I needed to leave this party. "Nice meeting you all," I said leaving the group. I could feel the guys eyes staring at me as I walked down the hallway. This isn't real I told myself. I saw Maejor on the couch surrounded my guys. I took a deep breath and walked over to him. "Can I talk to you babe?" I asked. All his 'boys' turned to look at me. "Yeah, why don't you take a seat." He said patting the couch. "No, how about you come talk to me," I said sternly. I was loosing my patients. "oooh," One of the guys said. Embarrassed, Ali stood up. "What?" "Take me home, now, or I will make a big scene in front of your friends." I was serious. Ali smiled. "You think it's funny, try me." I warned. Ali turned around and sat back down with his friends. I jumped on the wooden coffee table in front of the boys. "You guys, haven't partied, until you partied with me," I purposely slurred my words to make it seem like I was drunk. "Get down," Ali said. "WHAT!" I yelled, "I CAN'T HEAR YOU!" I started dancing crazily on the table, flipping my hair and swinging my arms. I don't care, I don't even know these people, plus most of them are drunk and won't even remember what happened tonight. Everyone started staring now. "Turnt Up!" I yelled, "Turnt Up!"  It was impossible for them to not notice me. I was actually having fun. I started twerking. "Woooo," I yelled. Oh my gosh, and you wouldn't believe who just walked into the room.

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