Justins Maid

After 17 year old Lily's mom gets to sick and takes time off as a maid for Justin Bieber, Lily is forced to take the job as Justin Bieber's Maid.


15. BBQ

Justin and I sat on my bed. I was texting Beatrice (my bff) and he was on twitter. "You are obsessed with twitter," I teased. "Nah, I just go on when I'm board." "Damn, you must always be board." Justin smiled. I got a text from Beatrice.

Bea: Whatz up

Me. The sky. Jk hanging out with Justin.

Bea: No way you guys hang out, I thot yu were just his maid. adjasfdk

Me: lol

Click. I looked up. "Did you just take a picture?" "No," Justin said suspiciously. "Your a bad liar." I snatched his phone, he did take a picture of me, but you couldn't see my face, just my hair, body and phone. "This is a good pic." Yeah...no. "No it isn't." I gave him back his phone. "Lets take a picture." Justin said. "No." "Then, I'll just post this one." Threat much. "Okay fine," I said sitting shoulder to shoulder with Justin. I stuck my tongue out (like Miley) and so did Justin. "There," I said once we were done, I didn't move and neither did Justin. "Go on twitter," Justin said. I went on, I had 14 followers and was following 1, @SexyBea3(guess who). My profile picture was an old one I took 3 years ago at a school carnival. "I'm on," I said. I had just been tagged to one of Justin Bieber's photos. "Justin, you posted that," I said nudging him on the shoulder. "Yeah." "Justin, I wasn't wearing any make-up, I look-" "Beautiful," He didn't let me finish. "Thanks," I said looking down. He lifted up my chin, and moved in closer to me. There was a knock at the door, we split apart. "Come in," I yelled. It was Jeremy, "You kids are awfully quite in here." It was silent. I felt like a little kid that got caught doing something wrong. "Foods ready," He said. Justin and I both rushed out of the room into the kitchen. We all sat at the table. "We need to pray," Jazmyn said. "Why don't you start." "Okay, dear god, please bless this food we are about to eat, amen." "Amen," We all said in unison. The food was so good, but I couldn't help but think about the kiss me and Justin almost had. "So Justin, it seems like your music is just getting better and better." Mom said. Justin looked sort of embarrassed, "Thank you Ms. Mary." "Who is Molly?" Jaxon asked. I almost choked on my food. "Are you okay Lily?" Jazmyn said. "Yeah, I'm fine sweetheart, thanks." I started to laugh, and so did Justin. "Why do you ask that?" Jeremy said. "Because, I herd her Justin's song?" To be 3 again. "I'm full," I said pushing away from the table. "Thanks for the great food mom," I put my plate in the sink, and headed for my room. My phone was still on the bed, and I had another message from Beatrice.

Bea: OMFG! Justin just posted a pic of u and him on twitter.

Me: I know, its so stupid.

Bea: It already has 105,000 likes, your famous Limo!

Limo was a nickname she gave me, but it's a long story.

Me: No im not, its just a picture.

Bea: Everyone is wondering who you are.

Me: 4eal

Bea: Yes! Check twitter.

Beatrice was right, everyone was talking about me, calling me Justin's mystery girl. I now had 1,026 Followers. How was that even possible. Justin rushed into the room. "Lily come here now." I followed him into the kitchen, my mom was on the floor, and Jeremy was on the phone with the ambulance. It was like I was trying to breath with someone stepping on my lungs. The room got darker and darker. You can't do this now Lily, remember what the doctor said, take a deep breath. 

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