Harry potter qoutes

This a movella that will will be full of quotes from a Harry Potter.
Each chapter will my favourite quotes from each character
Hope you like it


2. Aragog

Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets

Harry : Your Aragog , aren't you?

Aragog : Yes. Hagrid has never sent men into our hollow before.

Harry : He's in trouble . Up at the school there've been attacks. They think its Hagrid . They think he opened the Chamber of secrets like before

Aragog : That's a lie ! Hagrid never opened the Chamber of secrets !

Harry : Then your not the monster ?

Aragog. No ! The monster was born in the castle . I came to Hagrid from a distant land , in the pocket of a traveller.

Ron [ terrified ] Harry .

Harry : Shush.

[ to Aragog ] But then if your not the monster , then - then what did kill that girl 50 years ago ?

Aragog : We do not speak of it ! It is an ancient creature we spiders fear above all over.

Harry : But have you seen it ?

Aragog : I never saw any part of the castle but in the box Hagrid kept me . The girl was discovered in a bathroom . When I was accused , Hagrid bought me here.

Ron : Harry !

Harry : What ?

[ Ron points at the spiders surrounding them ]
Harry : Well ... thankyou . We'll just go.

Aragog : Go ? I think not. My sons and daughters do not harm Hagrid on my command , but I cannot deny them fresh meat when it wanders so willingly into our midst . Goodbye , friend of Hagrid.

Ron : Can we panic now ?

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