Harry potter qoutes

This a movella that will will be full of quotes from a Harry Potter.
Each chapter will my favourite quotes from each character
Hope you like it


1. Amos Diggory


Harry potter and the Goblet of Fire.


Amos Diggory : Total shambles as per usual.


Cormelius Fudge : For gods sake Dumbledore , whats happened ?

Harry : [ Crying over Cedrics body ]  He's back ! He's back ! Voldemorts back ! Cedric . he asked me to bring his body back . I couldn't leave him ... not there !

Dumbledore : Its all right Harry,Harry  ... Its all rights . He's home , you both are.

Comelius Fudge : [ Rushing over to professors Snape and McGonagall ] Keep everyone in their seats , a boy has just been killed ! The body must be removed Dumbledore , there are too many people !

Amos Diggort . [ Pushing his way frantically through the croud ] LET ME THROUGH ! Let me through  , THATS MY SON !. That's my boy. [ He pushes Harrys hands away and leans over Cedrics body sobbing hystericaly ]





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