The Iron Soul

I couldn't believe it, though I knew it was coming. I knew what I had to do, despite the fact that it was him.


1. The Iron Soul

    There standing in front of me, cold and emotionless, the monster that was he.

    "How could you?" I asked him, tears pouring my eyes and making my voice shaky. He didn't show a single emotion towards me. As if he was a statue, frozen from the inside out. His voice was as dry as he had become.

    "I had to." I sat up sharp and stomped closer to him.

    "Had to?! Why in Nevernever did you have to?!"

    "To save them. They were dying."

    "So to save a few Fey that have caused us nothing but trouble, you destroy the world and sacrifice your own uncle?!" The tears poured more violently. His responses were not helping to put my heart at ease. Rage began to flood my pained heart.

    "Yes." I screamed and pushed him against the back wall with all my might. He crashed into it, falling against the ground. With only minor injury, he began to stand up. He may be immune to emotions, but she knew he wasn't immune to physical pain.

    "This is why I didn't want you to meet Ethan! For his sake, not yours! I knew this would happen, and you had to prove me right! After all the years of all the precautions, I can't believe I let this slip! You want to be with Annywyl? Huh? Then go do it! I banish you! Go live with her and Leanansidhe, and never come back!" The words rushed out of me before I could stop them, but I knew that I meant every one.

    "This is why I never told you. Fine, I'd be happy to go with Annywyl. She loves me more than you ever have." His face still and cold as he turned from me.

    "Of course she did! You're her knight in shining armor! Nobody else means more to her than you! Me? Ethan means more to me than you ever did!" He was gone. I sank to my knees and cried harder than I had before. I felt strong arms reach around me and hold me close. I turned and wrapped my arms around his  neck crying into his shoulder.

    "I just banished our son," I whimpered.

    "It's okay Meghan, you did what you had to do." We sat there for who knows how long. I couldn't believe this happened, yet I always knew it was going to. The day had finally come, and I was still not prepared.


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